DRUG CHARGES: Marijuana Thrown From Car

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Three men face charges after a police chase in Des Moines Tuesday evening.

Just after 5:45 p.m. officers tried to pull over a driver near 19th and University but the man took off.

During the low speed chase marijuana was thrown from both the driver’s and passengers’ side of the car.

The pursuing officer received permission to use a PIT maneuver. But that wasn’t necessary when the driver eventually pulled over.

Two passengers, Walter Green and Jeffery Welch, are in the Polk County jail facing drug charges.

The driver, whose name has not been released, will also be facing drug and traffic charges.

Des Moines police were also involved in another chase that end in Ames.


  • William Denison

    Guess what? This means nothing. While these guys are sitting in jail in this state they would be considered job creators in another. More people were indangered during the act of arrest than if the guys just went home and smoked it. Law enforcment FAIL.

  • Ishmale Whale

    It was just Marijuana. Why even run and risk getting oneself or another killed over a plant?…That 40% of the states have some form a medical use laws and two allow recreational use, with on state already selling recreational and medical. If it was meth or cocaine, then I would say take them down hard.

  • Josh R

    It’s amazing to me that we’re still arresting people for marijuana. It’s been proven to be safer than alcohol and tobacco, but for some reason, we can’t use it! Get out of here!

  • Jody

    I agree with all of you above .. Waste of time, put other people at risk during the chase .. for a Plant that IOWA has as a Schedule 1 drug? Meth/Heroin/Crack/Coke/ .. THEM DRUGS Should be Schedule ONE drugs. And Yes .. It HAS been proven Safer then Alcohol & Tobacco and When? Will the Legislation in Iowa Realize this? Our Jail System and Prison Systems are Cluttered and Over-Crowded with people in there for Cannabis. Ridiculous. Think they would get smart, legalize it, make a huge killing to tax dollars and stop with all the commotion over it. Maybe? They would Much rather watch for months, years, make a bust, maybe under a quarter, an eighth, who knows but all this tells me? They would rather do that and get “Assets” then big Tax Dollars !! Then sell the stuff in their Auctions and get next to nothing and let the Cannabis sit in an Evidence room before they take it off somewhere and burn it and I’m sure there are quite a few who pocket the stuff and make some bucks off of it. Or make good use of it.

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