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GAME SHOW: UI Worker Wins On Jeopardy!

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A state employee will be cashing in on her earnings from winning Jeopardy! Tuesday afternoon.

Sarah McNitt is a Michigan native and a study abroad advisor at the University of Iowa.

She has tried for years to land a spot on the popular game show. And on Tuesday she finally got her chance.

She answered questions based on animals, science, famous birthdays, and explosions.

She says her passion for Jeopardy helped her get into college.

“When I was filling out my college essays I wrote that I wanted a liberal arts education because it was going to helpful for my eventual career on Jeopardy!” McNitt said.

McNitt won Tuesday and took home nearly $16,000.

You can watch on Wednesday afternoon as she attempts to defend her title on Channel 13 at 3 p.m.