GIFT OF LIFE: Teen To Host Blood Drive

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On Monday, a metro teenager who has suffered from a blood disorder since he was a child is hosting a blood drive.

“Isaiah receives blood exchanges every three weeks. The human body contains about 10 pints of blood and Isaiah receives 8 to 9 pints of blood every three weeks. So it`s basically an oil change,” mom, Charice Williams said. “They take out that much and put in that much.”

Isaiah Newsome suffers from sickle cell anemia and has spent his life in and out of the hospital receiving blood transfusions to treat it.

Isaiah and his mother say they are grateful to people who donate blood and want to encourage others to get involved.

In recent months, blood banks in Iowa say their supplies have hit critically low levels especially supplies of type o-negative blood which is the universal donor.

Isaiah and his mother hope Monday’s blood drive will help the cause.

“He wanted to do something to replenish the supply that he utilizes, the life that`s given to him. He wanted to try to give some of that back. Make sure other people were doing it,” Williams explained.

The blood drive will be held next Monday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Grubb YMCA at 1611 11th Street in Des Moines.