OUT SAFELY: Two Teens Escape Morning House Fire

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The wind caused a fire at a Des Moines home to spread quickly giving two teens inside just moments to get out.

It happened just after 8 a.m. at 2523 Shaw Avenue on the city's southeast side.

Brandy Grimm, the mother of the two teens was driving home from work when she got a horrifying call from her sister.

"I was scared. I couldn't get a hold of my kids. My calls kept going to their answering machines. All I could think was that they were inside,” said Grimm.

Despite seeing her home go up in smoke when she got home minutes later, she would soon breathe a sigh of relief.

Her 15-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son were out of the house.

"They crawled to the bedroom by the driveway, broke the window out, and got out,” Grimm told Channel 13 News.

The two teenagers told fire fighters they heard an explosion come from a heater in a bedroom on the east side of the home.

Smoke detectors went off and the son quickly noticed the room was engulfed in flames.

He grabbed his sister and the two were able to navigate thick smoke and get out through a bed room on the opposite side of the house.

Grimm's daughter hurt her hand while escaping but was able to dial 911.

When fire fighters arrived, they not only had to battle the smoke and flames, but gusty winds that would have put other homes at risk in a tighter packed neighborhood.

"When we arrived, we had flames pouring twenty feet outside the house to the east. The wind did push the fire through the house because the doors and windows were open,” said Captain Dean Rodriguez of the Des Moines Fire Department.

Despite losing the home her family has lived in the past four years, Grimm is thankful she still has what is most precious to her.

“Everything else is replaceable. They're not,” said Grimm.

Grimm's daughter was treated for a minor hand injury and smoke inhalation.

Her son was not injured.

The house is a total loss, but no other homes in the neighborhood were damaged.