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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Achieving Your New Year Goals

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The New Year is here and the gyms are packed with people who've made New Year's resolutions to get in shape.  Here are some tips to help you reach your goals.

You've heard the phrase, "The power of the pen."  Personal trainer, Angie Gallagher says writing down your fitness goals make them real.  It also keeps you accountable.  She also recommends writing down what you eat every day.

“Those little bites here and there do add up.”

Next, surround yourself with like-minded people.

"Find people who are looking to lose weight like you are or trying to be healthier."

On the flip side, Angie says it may be helpful to stay away from people who want to sabotage your efforts.

“Because you’re going to want to do what they’re doing.”

You should also reward yourself - not with food, but things that promote a healthy lifestyle.

“New shoes, a new workout outfit, new music - anything that makes you feel healthier about your workouts or trying to eat healthier.”

Visual cues can also keep you motivated, things like a picture on the fridge, in your car or on your desk will keep you focused on your goals.

"So that when that office treat comes around, you can look at that picture and remind yourself why you’re not having that treat today.”

Most important, believe in yourself.  Believe that you can reach your goals.

“Oh, that’s a big one!  A lot of people just don’t have the self-confidence.  They want to set goals, they want to reach them.  They just don’t have the confidence."

So give yourself a pep talk and remember, what's in your head can play a big role in transforming your body.