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AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill At Standstill, Grassley Provisions Blamed

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House Ag Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson is currently at odds with Speaker of the House John Boehner over dairy provisions in the farm bill, but he says it’s not dairy that's waylaying progress on a new measure.

Instead, Peterson argues that the final farm bill is stuck in committee due to Senator Chuck Grassley's payment limit provisions.

The Grassley language caps farm payments for an individual farmer at $50,000 from any program except the marketing loan program, from which they can receive $75,000.

Grassley says majorities in the House and Senate supported that language, and says it shouldn't even be on the table in conference, and Peterson should not accuse it of holding back the bill.

And while Peterson says it's the Grassley language preventing a conference report, Speaker Boehner has promised that the conference report won't come to the floor of the House with Peterson's dairy provisions in it.

Peterson says he is not backing down.

Instead, he says House Ag Chair Frank Lucas, who first supported Peterson on dairy, is now "waffling" under pressure from the Speaker.

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