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SECOND CHANCES: Lolo Helps ‘Biggest Losers’

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Des Moines native and Olympian Lolo Jones was on The Biggest Loser Tuesday night, talking about second chances.

She told the contestants about not making the track and field Olympic team the first time she tried, then clipping a hurdle in Beijing, only to come back and make the Olympic bobsled team.

“If I would have taken that first failure, that first loss when I didn’t make the Olympic team, who knows what I’d be doing now. So I just encourage all of you, to dig down deep, and push past all the things your mind is telling you, you can’t do, that you can achieve something great,” said Lolo.

The Biggest Loser contestants then got to compete on the track like Lolo, and her fellow bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator. But they didn’t go down the Utah Olympic track in a bobsled, instead they had to run up the track.

It’s a one mile track with a climb of 400 feet at an elevation more than 7,000 feet.

The winner, Rachaelm received a one pound advantage during the weigh-in. She also got to ride down the track in a bobsled.

Lolo finds out if she makes the U.S. Olympic team for Sochi on Sunday.

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