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TECHEL CASE: Third Murder Trial Scheduled

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Seth Techel is accused of killing his pregnant wife Lisa on 2012. (WHO-HD)

A judge has set the date for Seth Techel’s third murder trial.

It will begin July 14th. This time the trial is being held in Scott County.

Techel is charged with first degree murder in the death of his pregnant wife, Lisa, at their Agency home in 2012. His first two trials were held in Wapello and Henry counties. Both ended in mistrials because the jurors were unable to reach a decision.

Techel’s bond remains unchanged at $750,000 cash.


  • Josh Bethune

    I hope Seth Techel is convicted this time around. He is the one who pulled the trigger. Better yet if they throw this out again, hopefully someone pounds the living crap out of that murderer Techel so he never speaks again!!

  • Josh Bethune

    It’s too bad we don’t have the death penalty for murderers like Seth Techel. It’s a damn shame that his grandpa is waving billions of dollars around paying off and bribing people to have a hung jury and throw the jury off. I firmly believe there is some corruption in this getting that murderer Techel off each and every time. All because his grandpa is involved with the city of Ottumwa. I hope this time around Seth Techel is convicted for killing his baby and his wife. What she saw in him I will never know. All he used her for was to knock someone up and basically get his foot in the door at the Sheriff Department. That is all it was.

  • Nathan Palm

    Josh, I agree with you here, but to say Dale is paying “billions” to bribe people and get hung juries isn’t fair. First of all, Dale, not anyone in Ottumwa is a “billionaire”. Second off, these claims are obviously unsubstantiated or else he would have been brought up on charges of tampering with a jury. Just saying, why make a bad situation worse by making false claims? We know Techel is guilty, and he will either get justice through the court system or one day when he stands in front of God, but hopefully both. Don’t add undue drama

  • Jason

    A woman was killed and this man has had a hung jury twice!

    Perhaps the state should spend more time and resources investigating this crime before throwing more tax dollars in a hole prosecuting the same argument so quickly. This murder trial has turned into a state touring circus and if there is a 3rd mistrial will the state try to go after him again?!

    Something is being hidden that needs to be brought to the surface and I doubt mob justice will do it. This poor woman needs justice not vengeance.

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