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OPPORTUNITY GAP: ISU, Drake Presidents Meet With Obama

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Two Iowa college presidents are promising President Obama they will help low-income students.

Iowa State President Steven Leath and Drake University President David Maxwell attended an event at the White House.

It’s part of Obama’s pledge to narrow the opportunity gap between the rich and the poor.

Each of the college presidents attending had to make a concrete plan to make a difference.

“Today, more than 100 colleges and 40 organizations are announcing new commitments to help more young people not only go to but graduate from college,” President Obama said. “That’s an extraordinary accomplishment and we didn’t pass a bill to do it.”

Drake University is fulfilling its promise with a new partnership. The university, Des Moines Public Schools and Principal Financial Group will team up for the STEM Pathway Initiative.

In the first year, up to 20 high school students will take part.

ISU says it’s hiring an additional staff member to help recruit low-income students and help them find financial aid.