THE INSIDERS: The Quick Six With Gov. Branstad And Lt. Gov. Reynolds

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Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds said the Iowa State Fair will continue to discuss other options but will probably stick to cash.  The two said the legislature is more likely to raise the gas tax than to legalize medical marijuana.

Reynolds said the person she wants most to meet is Condoleezza Rice.  Branstad said he would like to meet the Pope.

Unsurprisingly, Branstad predicted another positive year for the legislature and for Iowa's economy.

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  • Maria

    Lt. Governor, it is not kind or just to laugh at medical marijuana. Some of us moms met with your policy advisor Michael Bousselot and he said he was going to educate you about medical cannabis and its ability to help patients with MS, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohns and many more conditions. Apparently he has not educated you or you haven’t listened. But to laugh while my child is dying is unkind. Please meet with me and let me show you the scientific research. My sons neurologist wants to have the chance to try cannabis oil for my son.

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