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LAWSUIT DEAL: Altoona Settles With Justin Pollard

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A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit against the city of Altoona, brought by a man twice charged with murder but acquitted.

Justin Pollard filed the lawsuit in May of 2012. It named the city of Altoona, two Altoona police officials, and a video production company as defendants.

The lawsuit sought $14 million in damages and claimed malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and negligence.

Justin Pollard was accused of running down 46-year-old Annamarie Rittman with his truck in the parking lot of an Altoona Lowe’s on December 27th, 2005. He was originally charged in 2006, but those charges were thrown out after it was determined sped-up surveillance video from the parking lot was inadmissible as evidence.

Pollard was charged again but following a 2010 trial, was acquitted.

Online court documents filed Friday show a settlement has been reached between the parties. No details of the settlement have been released. The deal must still be finalized.

Attorney for the city of Altoona Jason Palmer said he had no comment on the settlement.


  • Mike Cee

    I sincerely hope the City of Altoona has to pay a severe penalty. They screwed this case up from the beginning, and instead of admitting they made an error, they continued to try to push through with even when it was clear they tampered with the evidence.

    I won’t try to guess the guilt or innocence of Jamie Pollard. However, the Altoona Police did an investigation worthy of a stupidity award, and the people of Altoona deserver better.

  • RightOf Reagan

    A word to those that drive red Ford pickups, stay as far away from Altoona and all Lowes as possible. They must all be Chevy lovers.

  • show me a lawsuit that they have won?

    Think they would clean house @ Altoona PD…..NOT……More lawsuit Coming. .. Remember they just a lawsuit with a attorney that’s was wrongly arrested.

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