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WIC FRAUD: Reselling Of Food Items

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Some Iowans getting help through the Women Infants and Children nutrition program are abusing the system.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says some WIC users are getting supplies and then selling them illegally online. Department workers say they’ve seen ads on Craigslist selling food and baby formula.

Taylor Fishel is just one of the more than 62,000 Iowans who depend on this program. She says what people are doing is upsetting.

“If there’s people who already have it and they’re still selling it. Getting money for other things. Then we’re stuck. Yeah, thanks,” says Fishel.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says it’s not sure whether sellers bought the items using the WIC program or their own money.

Police say those who are caught re-selling WIC supplies could go to jail.


  • Kathy Boe

    Of course there are people abusing it. Any assistance offered is abused by people who find a way around it. They think they are geniuses cause they are getting away with it. For now…..i hope people get what they deserve so people who truly need assistance can get it!!!

  • Emily DeWitt

    What about the families that work, drive new vehicles, and expensive cell phones but still qualify for food stamps. I think that’s abusing the system as well

  • Jody J Ratcliff

    I Totally Agree with Both of you. ( Kathy & Emily ) My EX b/f, of over 2 years ago? Got $200 in Food Assistance a month. He took a couple of his friends to the store, let them get what they wanted, Pay Him Cash and or .. so he could get a bottle of Whiskey and Cigarettes. Then? He mostly spent them at Quick Trip for junk food and pop. What a WASTE of food dollars That I Would have put to use buying a ton of meat !!!

  • Ishmale Whale

    “The Iowa Department of Public Health says it’s not sure whether sellers bought the items using the WIC program or their own money.”—I hate to say it, but the fact that items like this being sold does not mean fraud. The system even says it can’t prove where the items came from. So anything that could be WIC funded related should now be illegal to be sold?

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