ELECTION SEASON: Caucuses ‘Still Important’

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Political experts say Tuesday night’s caucuses are still important even though it’s not a presidential year.

Listeners to Jan Mickelson’s WHO radio show Wednesday morning may have heard a familiar voice.

Channel 13’s Dave Price hosted it and was joined by Republican insider Craig Robinson of the website IowaRepublican.com.

He says there are several important state elections this year and those candidates needed supporters in Tuesday night’s event.

“If you are running for Congress in the 1st District, if you are running for Congress in the 3rd District, if you are running for the US Senate race; you better have gotten your people out last night,” Robinson said.

“And you better have gotten them to be county delegate so they have the opportunity to be district and state delegates.  If no one passes their 35% threshold they decide who the Republican nominee is.”

For both parties, the county conventions are in March and the district conventions are in April.