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Iowa veterans spent Wednesday morning fighting for their needs at the Statehouse.

The governor has a proposal to help with what he calls the Home Base Iowa Act.

The legislation has several parts. One would allow veterans to get educational credit for their military experiences.

Branstad says veterans won’t have to take courses on topics they’ve already mastered while in the service.

“We’ve got jobs but don’t have people with the right skills,” Governor Branstad explained. “We want to match people up who are coming out of the military who have those skills with employers who want to hire them. We’re getting a great response from employers who want to be Home Base Iowa employers.’

Another part of the act would eliminate state income taxes on military retirement pay.

An Iowa Senate panel already moved that part of the bill forward Wednesday morning.

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  • William Denison

    What a load of BS. I think its kinda chessy using jobless vets as part of a catch phase for something even the King of Iowa has failed to do for the state everytime hes in office and that is to get people working. The VA has jobs programs already in place for Vets. To see some of my fellow Vets stand in that room and get lied to by Branstad kinda makes me ill.

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