GUN SILENCERS: Bill To Lift Ban Moves Through House

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A controversial piece of legislation moved ahead in the Iowa House Wednesday.

The bill would lift a ban on silencers for guns.

Supporters say the devices help prevent hearing loss by gun users. Others say silencers make it easier for criminals to conceal their crimes by muffling gun shots.

The bill was approved by a House subcommittee Wednesday.


  • Josh

    If you think that the only thing stopping a criminal from shooting someone is a silencer, then you must live in fantasy land. Its time to get rid of this ridiculous law, people who own silencers go through a very strict federal application process and are the most law abiding citizens there are.

    • Michael Kent

      Yeah, until they aren’t. By all accounts the angry grandpa in Florida was a law abiding gun owner until he killed someone over a cell phone and some popcorn. The 2nd A guarantees your right to bear arms…it doesn’t guarantee your right to accessories.

      • Josh

        Well by that logic we should all be so restricted in our lives… you know to save us from ourselves, that we should all probably have breathalizers in our cars because some people choose to drive drunk, actually we should ban driving completely because people kill other people with cars. As far as that grandpa goes, by the way I have no idea what story you are referring to, if he shot someone with a suppressor Im sure he would have done it without one as well, and if he didn’t have a gun he would have used a knife, and if he didn’t have a knife he would have used something else. Crazy people are CRAZY.

      • James O'D

        That’s one of the stupider comments I’ve read here.

        You might drive drunk, so we’re going to need you to surrender your car keys and driver’s license.

  • Jeff

    How many crimes were committed with legally owned and properly registered silencers last year? How about in the last decade? Yeah, keep looking. This is a change in law that is long overdue.

    The hobbyists who can pass the extreme federal background checks, and can pony up the $$$ to afford the silencers are not the ones causing trouble out there. Everyone take a deep breath and research before you knee jerk.

  • BoB from the west side

    The picture you used for this article is a flash hinderer not a silencer. This is typical of some of our news media quick to make judement but don’t have all the details.

  • Josh

    I would also add that the application process takes months, costs hundreds of dollars and then you still have to purchase the silencer which run up into the thousands. If someone is that determined to commit a crime this isnt the law that is standing in their way. Remember criminals don’t follow laws thats why they are criminals.

  • Scott McIntire

    Don’t forget that in states where suppressors are legal, once the BATF approves the application and takes your $200, that serial numbered suppressor you purchase cannot be transfered privately. You must be able to account for it at all times. Any re-sale must go through a FFL dealer.

  • DMI_Phyter

    The fact that people are calling it a “silencer” is the crazy thing. It is a suppressor. These things are made so hobbyists can shoot without hurting peoples eardrums or bother surrounding people. It muffles the sound but does not get rid of the sound. Also you have to pay a lot of money to own a good one. So I’m pretty sure you won’t have a bunch of idiots running around with them on their plastic glocks.

  • William Denison

    Cant get medical Cannibs but may get permits for silencers? Wow Iowa really is as back woods as it gets.

    • Jeff

      Iowa is behind the times in allowing suppressors as 40 other states do so. As far as “medical” weed, that tide is changing slowly as well.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        medical cannabis will never be allowed in Iowa as long as Branstad is in office, he has stated on record he will veto any law legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis in anyway for any reason, even if it has 100% of the voters support.

        Which actually shows you just how corrupt and hypocritical Branstad truly is.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    There have been no crimes committed in Iowa with guns using suppressors, so there is no rational basis for banning them, especially when they still come under federal regulation.

  • Josh

    @James O’D, you apparently failed to see that I was responding to the comment above my drunk driving post. Just trying to fight ignorance with logic. I know it doesn’t work but its worth a try.

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