FALSE ALARM: No Evidence Of Shooting At Oklahoma University

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Courtesy: KFOR

There’s been no evidence found that a shooting has taken place on Oklahoma University’s campus in Norman, Oklahoma.

According to our sister station KFOR, university president David Boren says the shots fired call to police Wednesday may have been the result of a piece of equipment backfiring.

Police were called to the campus around 11:15 a.m. after several people reported hearing gunshots coming from Gould Hall.

Students were notified through text about the reported shooting and were asked to shelter in place and avoid Gould Hall.

A little after noon, university official Catherine Bishop released a statement about the incident:

“As of this time, no evidence has been found of any shots being fired. There are no injuries reported at this time. Both the Norman and OU Police Department have very quickly responded as well as emergency personnel. President Boren is at the scene. Norman campus operations have resumed except for Gould Hall where additional checking is continuing.”