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THEY’RE JAMMIN’: BILT Guitars Playing Grammys

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For the owners of BILT Guitars in Des Moines, 2013 was a great year, but so far this year is even bigger. 

When we last checked in with the guys at BILT Guitars in May, they were still celebrating the big fish they’d landed.

Everyone noticed Nels Cline’s new guitar, including Jarred Scharrf of the Saturday Night Live band. He contacted BILT, they sent this beauty to New York and there it was, Saturday Night.

Okay, you had to really look.

“It was cool," said Bill Henns, one of BILT's co-owners, "I mean we’ve had them in the hands of our favorite bands for a while, but it was definitely cool to see it there.”

But that’s nothing.

Wayne Sermon plays a BILT guitar with his band Imagine Dragons and this Sunday, they’ll play the Grammys.

Sermon contacted the shop ten days ago.

“He just called and said ‘Hey I need a white guitar for the Grammys and I really want it to be a BILT guitar,” said BILT's Brandon Darner.

Imagine Dragons will play Saturday Night Live six days later, the night before the Super Bowl.  BILT said, “How about something in a gold tone?”

“He was like ‘No, I want it to look like it was dipped in gold!" Darner laughed. "Like, chrome gold; like C3PO. Like a gold bar.”

One can only guess who might call after this BILT guitar takes the national stage.

2014 is off to in incredible start, but this could really get good.

“It’s like a nudge saying ‘Hey, you’re doing a good job.’" said Henss. "And it feels good.”

“I think we’re pretty proud of the fact that we have some pretty cool guitars on stages with some really great artists," Darner added, "and we’ve yet to spend a dime on advertising.”