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NEW IDENTITY: Clive Proposes Town Center

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Clive is expected to grow by more than 7,000 people in the next 15 years and the city says with all those people it needs a better identity.

Stretching through both Dallas and Polk counties, the slender city limits of Clive make it hard to tell where the center of town is.

“A couple years ago the city council identified priority of creating a true community town center,” says assistant city manager, Matt McQuillian.

McQuillian says the city is lacking identity and is searching to find it.

“We see this project as really enhancing the existing high quality of life that Clive has and really taking it to another level.”

Wednesday night, the public will have a chance to see the proposed multi-million ideas for what the city calls a “town center.”

The town center would sit along 114th street between the Mercy West facility and the Clive Aquatic Center, housing a larger police and fire station, a 50,000 square foot city hall and room for retail, restaurants and residential areas.

Laura Reigle says she’s not a fan of the plan, calling it unnecessary.

“I don’t know if a city center is how you gain that identity.”

Her business, glazed expressions, sits on one of the three of the main streets that runs through town, 86th street.

“A lot of people really do recognize the 86th street corridor as Clive so it would be nice to see them try and finish developing this area.”

Reigle doubts the 10 acres of designated space on 114th street with define the community and likes Clive the way it is.

The plan for the town center could be approved by this fall, started by next year and finished in 2017.