VOTER FRAUD: 9 Iowans Face Felony Charges

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Nine Iowans are facing felony charges for allegedly violating election laws in the last two years.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced the arrests Wednesday.

Eight Waterloo residents and a woman from Montrose are each accused of voting in elections even though they are felons whose voting rights hadn’t been restored.

Schultz has made fighting voter fraud a priority since he took office.

However, his office is being questioned by the State Auditor over possibly misspending up to $280,000 of federal money to pay for his fraud investigations.


  • William Denison

    Schultz is just another GOP nut case,Wasteing state time and money doing stuff like this. Its funny only a bully would go after nine people who voted when they should not of. Theres got to be a black prison somewhere we can send these wanna be voters to. Maybe we can even waterboard them.

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