AGRIBUSINESS: RFS Supporters Gather In Des Moines

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Another rally against the EPA's Renewable Fuels Standard proposal was held Thursday at the World Food Prize building in downtown Des Moines.

Governor Terry Branstad asked the EPA to hold a field hearing in the Midwest after a hearing in Arlington Virginia last year. EPA declined, so Branstad held his own.

Supporters of the RFS visited from around the country for the Hearing in the Heartland. The governor started off the hearing explaining why he thinks the RFS should stay the way it is.

Branstad says, "With a state that has 92,000 farmers, dozen of thriving international agribusiness companies and a large varieties of bio-science leaders it's easy to see that the growth is a large result of the hard work and innovation of farmers that have invested their own money in a lot of these ethanol and bio-diesel plants."

Indiana Lieutenant-Governor Sue Ellspermann was also present; in her home state, one of her statutory responsibilities is to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture.

"These new proposed levels will be very detrimental to the ethanol industry in the Hoosier state." Ellspermann says the RFS proposal hits close to home. "To put this in perspective, the amount of ethanol cut in the EPA proposal is nearly identical to the 1.3 billion gallons the 11 ethanol plants in our state produce annually, nearly identical."

The hearing features prominent agriculture leaders from around the country and will end at 4:00 p.m.


  • Bart

    the great ethanol sham’s walls are closing in….

    notice how these leaches don’t give a rat’s rear-end regarding the poor or the starving…

  • Troy Hendrickson

    E15 is not an approved fuel for any vehicle manufactured in the US other than FFV type vehicles and will void the warranty of standard vehicles.

    Despite the claims of ethanol’s safety for consumers, the ethanol industry continues to try and advance a bill that would give them immunity from liability claims resulting from damage caused by ethanol.

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