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Good Morning. I’m going to need some help this morning…seriously I have some questions. See if you can help.

-What do the people who testified at the Statehouse say about the allegations of abuse against teens at the Iowa Juvenile Home? I didn’t hear any of that. I’m sure the Home helped many young women move in a positive direction in their lives. I am sure that many of the staff members really cared about those girls. Here’s the bottom line: the employees in charge of running that facility abused the power they had over those kids. Is anyone even disputing that these things happened?
So here’s an alternate solution: If this is really about keeping the home open…for the community, for the kids…fire all the employees who worked there and start over. That should take care of concerns over closing a facility that supports the community. It should take care of concerns for the girls…I mean if they’re getting qualified care…that’s the point right?
What’s that you say? That’s not going to work for the Union? Oh…I guess it is about the jobs.
And by the way… The Lawmakers who are putting on these hearings…If you’re doing this knowing there is no chance this home is going to be re-opened, playing on the hopes of these people who’ve lost their jobs, you should be ashamed…you won’t be but you should be.

-Someone tell me what Iowa State knows that we all don’t know. They are pushing the issue of Bubu Palo’s reinstatement to the Iowa State Basketball team. The University is asking The Iowa Supreme Court to stay a Judge’s decision allowing Palo back on the roster.
What are we NOT hearing here? What fact did an administrative Judge ignore? What did Prosecutors misinterpret in the law that Iowa State’s President made a better judgement about? If Iowa state has some evidence against Palo they should say so.
In their appeal The state says:
Finally, the district court did not acknowledge that testimony was
presented by the Iowa State University Dean of Students, Pamela Anthony,
regarding harm to the public interest. Ms. Anthony testified that student’
disciplinary rules are necessary to ensure an environment where all students can
succeed academically and personally. They also ensure that students are held
responsible for their actions and accept the consequences of violations. It damages
the public interest when a student is allowed to violate the student code of conduct,
particularly the sexual misconduct policy, without being responsible for their
actions and having to accept consequences. There is also harm to the entire
University community when athletes are treated differently than other students.

Why, if Palo violated the Student Code of Conduct, did the administrative judge find no grounds for the accusations against him? You can’t accuse a student, have the process play out, say you don’t like the result and then punish the student again. If you know something else…say so!
If they have no more evidence, but they just don’t like this kid anymore and want him off the team; they should say so. But if that’s what’s going on here…they should have made the decision about his status sooner so he could pursue a senior season somewhere else.
I said before, I don’t know what happened. I would never minimize the alleged Victim’s claims. But if two legal entities can’t prove any wrongdoing or violation of school policy, and the University isn’t saying what Rock solid evidence they have against this kid…someone explain to me how they can argue he is a threat to the University community?
Iowa State University SHOULD be able to choose the Athletes given the privilege of competing for their Intercollegiate Athletic Teams. They already did that when they OFFERED Palo a scholarship. If they admit they made a mistake…PULL HIS SCHOLARSHIP! This is not the Courts forcing The University to take some Schmoe from the street. It is the Courts holding the University to the Standards that t sets out in its own rules.
One last time, If there is some significant fact that shows Palo’s guilt, please…lets hear it. Otherwise, The University hasn’t handled, and continues not to handle this situation very well.

-Fill in this blank: Des Moines Drivers __________ among the worst drivers in the nation!

-The Today Show’s much talked about and much-anticipated segment on Des Moines aired around 8:20. I thought they did a great job. I didn’t know we had a fox-hunting club. What was the thing you would have liked to see more of in the segment?
So did you hear from anyone around the country surprised at Des Moines as the choice for “wealthiest” city?
I was surprised at how the comments from Tuesday’s blog devolved into political barbs. Can’t we just let it be a good thing for Iowa and for the Des Moines Metro? Can’t people just discuss the premise of the question rather than a literal interpretation of monetary wealth? I was surprised.
Anyway, we will air the story again today on the News at Noon. If you are at work, remember we stream our newscasts at or on your Mobile devices at 13Now. I hope you’ll get a chance to see the story.


  • Troy V


    Regarding BuBu Palo and his re-instatement. My guess is the college is looking at the “big picture”. By a judge ruling that he “must be re-instated”, they are sending the message that it’s ok if you break a team rule, school rule, just sue and we’ll get you re-instated.
    Currently, most high schools have a policy that if you are PRESENT at a party where drugs and alcohol are available, you are no longer eligible to compete in athletics for 1/3 of the season (1st offense), whether or not you were partaking in the drugs or alcohol.
    The judge has sent a message to every student that ever got busted on this rule that they can sue and be re-instated to play (even though they broke a rule they knew about).
    My guess is that ISU has a student code of conduct policy that is very similar, it doesn’t matter if you were part of the illegal activity, just being present is enough (and illegal activity isn’t defined by “beyond a reasonable doubt in court”).
    As an ISU fan, I think BuBu can help the basketball team, As a parent, I hope ISU wins as it helps re-inforce the values I try to instill into my children. you do something wrong, you pay the consequences (which may be not being on a team, not being eligible to go on field trips, indoor recesses for grade schoolers, etc.).

  • Amber Opdahl

    As one other former students who spoke in support for the IJH, I’m saying the alleged “abuse” didn’t happen. I’m saying this because the 3 girls who made these allegations were given the chance my DRI to file a lawsuit and collect enough $$$ to not have to work again. They backed out because their allegations we false and meant to attempt to exonerate them form an. adult consequence for prostitution. As a resident who was here ling term, staff weren’t t perfect , but many of peers were very abusive to staff. You cuff an adult who is assaultive and out of control. Why is being 2 years short of age but same body strength and less self control a reason to not provide safety to the surrounding environment. Lets be realistic. You dont pat a rapist on the wrist. You dont put a cold blooded killer in a room alone with his peers. Just because the age is a year from legal adulthood doesn’t make a difference. Just my opinion from being there and watching for almost 4 years.

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