RAGBRAI ROUTE: Eight Overnight Towns Chosen

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The eight overnight towns chosen for the 42nd Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa route were announced Saturday night at the Iowa Events Center in downtown Des Moines.

The first stop on the RAGBRAI route is Rock Valley, Iowa.  Riders will head out from Rock Valley on Sunday, July 20 and will bike to Okoboji.  From Okoboji, bikers will ride to Emmetsburg Iowa.

From Emmetsburg, the next town on the RAGBRAI route will be Forest City, Iowa.  After Forest City, Mason City will be the next city on the route.

From Mason City, bikers will ride to Waverly.  After Waverly, the next town on the route is Independence, Iowa.

The last town on the 42nd RAGBRAI route and the final stop for bikers will be Guttenberg, Iowa.

The 2014 RAGBRAI route will be held July 20 from July 26.  RAGBRAI officials said the 2014 route will be the third shortest route in RAGBRAI history and the second flattest route.

The pass-through towns and the finalized route for the 2014 RAGBRAI route are expected to be announced in early March.

For more information, visit the RAGBRAI website here.


  • Patrick DeCoster

    Very disappointed in the low milage route especialy after last years low milage. If I wasn’t committed probably would not do.

  • GOP lady

    I live in a city thats on the route. I don’t want my kids to see all the drinking and happenings of this sinful hugh party. Why are you turning my city into a hugh bar full of public gluttony? Shame on all of you!!!!

    • Andrew

      LOL! You make us Christians look uppity and snooty. I’ll bet you would have been one of the ones who downed Jesus for speaking in a “house of sinners”. Shame on you for being arrogant, conceited, and judgemental!!!

    • Ali

      Then don’t let your kids drink at the party. Lead by being a kind, NON-JUDGMENTAL example. Prove my perception of conservative Christians as narrow-minded, shallow, and anti-education wrong for once.

      On a happier note: Yay Emmetsburg! Great town.

      • Ishmale Whale

        I am not a bible thumper, and I do like a good party but for those with children and just want a good night sleep, it is hard to miss. The parties and concerts are loud. I worked a ragbrai once, and and when a lot get into overnight town, they like to drink. I saw many go down from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration, and drinking. I saw EMTs giving a saline IV to one who passed out in a lawn chair and he had a cooler of beer at his side. Most riders are good and friendly people, but it is the smaller group of them that gives a bad light to the whole. I am a Patriot Guard Rider and a few times when, as a group, we stopped at a place for a meal people would get up and leave. They only saw us as a motorcycle gang when we are a fallen hero support group.

  • William Denison

    We can have a week long drunk fest in 8 citys in this state but we here cannot use cannabis for medical reasons.

  • Kevin

    GOP lady.. You are completely missing the point of a democracy..People can and do what they want, and within the law of the day. I have ridden with the most conservative families, and past the most hardcore revelers on this wonderful ride. give it a chance, find YOUR niche, and live in the moment. Kevin

  • OmahaOmahaJim

    Another short, non-hilly route again this year. Not sure of why the trend is to make the route easier.

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