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THE INSIDERS: Jerry Crawford And Mike Mahaffey Part Two

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Facing incumbent Governor Terry Branstad in the upcoming gubernatorial election are Jonathan Narcisse and State Senator Jack Hatch.  Recent fundraisers showed that while Hatch is Branstad's biggest challenger right now, he's far behind him in funds.  Hatch reported having raised only $237,000 while Gov. Branstad has raised just over $4-million toward his reelection campaign.

Democrat and Des Moines attorney Jerry Crawford said he would be surprised if Narcisse was able to mount a credible challenge to Branstad in the race.  He said that Jack Hatch will be the underdog to watch during the campaign as he gears up to take on Branstad.

Republican and former GOP state chair Mike Mahaffey said Narcisse won't win the nomination from the Democrats but he will bring up big and important issues to the campaign, like a renewed focus on education.  Mahaffey said the only number Branstad does not have in his favor in the upcoming election is that many Iowans may think his tenure as Governor is time to end.

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