JOBS FOR VETS: Iowa Companies Helping Out

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Governor Branstad announced there will be more opportunities for veterans returning home from serving overseas.

The Iowa Business Council signed up with the Home Base Iowa Initiative adding 20 more companies to the program including Casey’s General Store.

The Iowa Business Council committed to hire 2,500 veterans over the next five years.

At Casey's General Store, hiring veterans is nothing new.

“I for one recognize the great skill set that these veterans have,” says Casey’s General Store CEO Bob Myers.

Myers should know, he spent 22 years in the Army and served in Vietnam.

He says the skills a veteran acquires while serving translate well into a solid employee.

“The leadership qualities they have, their sense of duty, their discipline, their integrity, and all of those are critical components and I would say that sets them apart,” says Myers.

They are skills Jay Soupene demonstrated when he was hired on as Casey’s Director of Store Operations.

“It was a good fit, it was a good opportunity to come here,” says Soupene.

Soupene spent 20 years in the Army and served two tours to Iraq before retiring.

However, he admits the transition from military to civilian life can be a challenge.

“It`s quite an adjustment it really is, things actually move in some ways slower, particularly in corporate America.  It was quite a sharp learning curve coming in here and understanding the culture,” says Soupene.

Luckily, companies like Casey's and others with the Iowa Business Council are recognizing the talent veterans can bring to the workforce.

“Our military veterans have such a wide range of skill set, they`re easily adaptable to the task that we have here within the company,” says Myers.

And that's good news for veterans here at home.

“I don`t think veterans have a good prospective of just how prepared they are, I tell them if you`re successful in uniform you will be successful on the civilian side.  I’ve been fortunate to be in an organization with great people, it`s been a wonderful transition for me,” says Soupene.

For job listings and opportunities click here.

Currently there are nearly 17,000 jobs listed on the site.


  • dave

    Nice minimum wage Jobs for people who have been in charge of either multi million dollar equipment, or people who have more leadership and communication skills than this guy ever will have. Most of these people should either have a 80000/yr job or his job not that he cares about the poor anyway.

  • Billy Boy

    Just a election year pile of steaming untruths and spin. I’m a vet and have never got anything for serving. I’ll pass on making pizzas at Caseys.Vote Gov Braindead out!!

  • William Denison

    Braindead said he was going to bring in 250,000 jobs to the people of Iowa and failed to do that so why should I believe anything that knunkle head says about jobs for Vets. Vets are people to last time I checked.

  • paul

    The Army is a job these people did to make a living like another job to make a living. We do not make anybody go to the Army any more. Wake up people.

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