RAID FILMED: Ankeny Police ‘Traumatize’ Family

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STORY UPDATE: Aaron Brilbeck spoke with Ankeny Police about the raid Tuesday, see the response here. Police held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the execution of the search warrant – watch it in full here. The family's lawyer says the amount of force was "mind boggling."

Members of a Des Moines family say they were terrorized in their own home by Ankeny police.

Sally Prince is afraid to stay in her own home. "I've been so traumatized. I don't sleep at night," Prince says.

On Thursday, Ankeny police executed a search warrant looking for someone they suspected of using stolen credit cards to buy clothes and electronics.

The whole search was caught on surveillance video.

Ankeny police tell us they knocked first, but the video shows one officer pounding on the side of the house and seconds later, officers use a battering ram to force their way in.

The video also shows an officer destroying a security camera outside the home.

Two people in the house were arrested on unrelated charges, and the family says none of the items listed on the warrant were found.

Prince’s son, Justin Ross, was in the bathroom when police burst in, and he was carrying a gun that he has the legal right to carry. "I stood up, I drew my weapon, I started to get myself together to get out the door, I heard someone in the main room say police. I re-holstered my weapon sat back down and put my hands in my lap," Ross recalls.

"This is over property purchased with a stolen credit card," Prince adds. "It doesn't make any sense to go to such extremes for something that simple."

Two of the people there had no criminal history. Justin Ross was honorably discharged from the Army recently.  The third person does have an arrest record, but the most serious charge was theft and that charge was dismissed.

The family says they would have answered the door if police had just knocked.

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Ankeny police executed the warrant in Des Moines because the alleged theft took place in Ankeny, but the suspects live in Des Moines.

Ankeny police say they do not have a written policy governing how search warrants are executed. They're not commenting further because it's an ongoing investigation.

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    • Patrick

      Doesn’t surprise me either. Almost 5 years ago today, they did the same to me. Beat on my door with weapons drawn, tore through my apartment, etc. And get this, not only was there not a warrant, but no crime. Ever. It started because my ex and I had an argument over the phone. She got crabby and called police. Somehow the dispatcher called it out as a hostage situation with an armed gunman. I was alone in my apartment, unarmed, and sleeping on a Sunday morning one minute, and a second later I am on the floor face down in my underwear with a dozen Ankeny cops in full assault gear hovering over me with Glocks and AR’s. Twenty minutes later when they realized they were there for all the wrong reasons, they just left. Talk about one hell of a way to wake up in the morning! Worst law enforcement agency I have ever seen.

      • David C.

        Thats law enforcement’s job to enter a home if they have suspicion of a hostage situation Patrick. I would hope they would do that to all of our homes if they believe someone is being held hostage. And clearly in that situation a warrant is not prudent.

      • ms1612

        Kind of sounds like that was the fault of your ex. Not the Police’s fault. They were just trying to protect someone. Excellent work by them for taking it so seriously and trying to save someone.

      • kcsunny

        when would they have had time to put on full tactical gear? they’re street cops. being a military combat soldier I know about combat gear. those cops were not in full tactical gear.

      • Jay

        kcsunny, no disrespect, but it’s obvious you have never had your house raided before (lucky you!) They definitely do bust in with full tactical gear.

      • Pam

        It’s not law enforcements fault that their info. from your ex was wrong. Your ex is an idiot! Be disgusted with her!

      • TedKool

        To David and all others who say “that’s their job in a hostage situation,” so you think after they broke into his apartment and found him sleeping in his bed, that they couldn’t have assessed that there was no hostage situation? And in an apartment, where they surely could have seen that there was no such hostage? How long would it take you to ascertain that there was no hostage in an apartment? You think it would have taken you 20 minutes like they did? I think it would have taken a whole maybe 5 minutes or less if there was a small army of tactical policemen in his apartment. And oh, he’s asleep. Yup, better get him on the floor and aim the guns at him because he’s obviously holding someone hostage.

      • J2

        That’s what you get for stealing people’s information. That lady said it’s not a big deal. Well to her it’s not, because she profits from it; the rest of us are the ones who have to deal with the backlash of her son’s petty crime. Why did he have a gun in the restroom? Must have been expecting someone to be pissed off at him for something. Poor white collar criminals can’t hide behind the computer screen, they got what they deserved, societies rage.

      • Glen

        Quote from David C: “Thats law enforcement’s job to enter a home if they have suspicion of a hostage situation Patrick. I would hope they would do that to all of our homes if they believe someone is being held hostage. And clearly in that situation a warrant is not prudent.”

        David, there’s nothing in the story that says anything about anyone being “held hostage”. The cops in this case were sloppy and screwed up. The arrest of the others mentioned was little more than an attempt to justify their screw up.

      • VotersRMorons

        Warrens vs. DC. Look it up…you have permission from the government to cry for now. The police/governments have absolutely no obligation to help or protect you in anyway.

      • Scott

        Dear KCsunny, please pick up a copy of the US Constitution some time and read the 4th Amendment. Then watch the part of the video where they bust the door down, and the parts where the tear out one surveillance camera and cover up another.
        And then if you didn’t learn anything from that, please never vote again.

      • BKW

        I agree, it is great to live here in the United States, however, I am beginning to question that more and more. Why you ask? Well, it dismays me that we cannot properly use the word “there” and “their”. “There” is an adverb describing a location, whereas “their” is an adjective describing ownership. I hope that you learned all of this in high school and it’s simply a review for you; however, if this is the first time you have had such an explanation, a repugnant testament to our public school’s educational standards is apparent.

      • realoldguy

        Nobody sucks up to authority quite like Real Americans! Good luck with that when it’s your door the cops kick down — they’re sure to be impressed

    • james

      I am a convicted felon and all for the POLICE, they have a tough job to do and go up against all types of the unknown. If you dont want to face the police stay out of trouble and stay away from those that are in trouble.. boo hoo to the lady who is scared and why did she allow illegal activioty in here home. why did Justin have a gun strapped on in the bathroom and hooo it had it pulled, what was he doing flushing drugs. and as for removing a camera that is to protect officers from allowing suspects to know there positions and be shot at. GOOD JOB ANKENY POLICE, TWO CRIMINALS OFF THE STREET AND NOBODY WAS SHOT…..

      • Eli Chisholm

        That’s right! If the cops show up, it’s because you are wrong, not them! And who the hell carries their own gun in their own home? Clearly, if he’s got a gun, he MUST be up to something shady! I say we just drag them out and convict them of treason RIGHT NOW, for for saying they felt scared when those nice cops were just doing their jobs, in full SWAT gear. I mean after all, those credit card thieves can be DANGEROUS!! One time, my credit card info was stolen, and the next thing I knew, the guy was caught snorting cocaine off of a dead hooker’s butt that he had personally killed with those evil credit card numbers!

        When the civilians are guilty of questioning the police, they are no longer servants of the public; we become wards of the state.

      • Brent Busch

        Right, cops never make a mistake about an address or lie to get a warrant! /sarc There’s numerous accounts of SWAT teams raiding the wrong homes and you’re incredibly ignorant if you believe otherwise.

      • JESSE

        Yeah, cops lie all the time just to get their way. Not that it would be easy to find out once it didn’t work the way they wanted. Once again… picking on good people who have done nothing wrong… I didn’t think your comments could get any stupider. Wrong. You watch too much TV, and read extremely biased books. Try getting some with less pictures in them.

      • Sue

        Very true Jesse. Comments with STUPIDER show just how much MORE STUPID they can get. Way to make yourself look so smart when trying to slam people and make them sound so “STUPIDER”. I think my IQ just dropped.

      • dan trapp

        There is only one reason to disable security cameras and that is if you are doing something that you don’t want anyone to know about. The cops had already been all through the home when the camera’s were screwed with so there wasn’t any safety related reason to mess with them. The cops know that if the general public were to see how they act during a raid, they would be up in arms and force the cops to obey their own rules of conduct. As far as the young man with the gun, hell if I was him, I’d be wearing the thing in the shower after that.

      • C. Barrett

        You sir, are and idiot. If the cops have already breached a residence there is no “position” that can be “revealed.” And the question of why the gentleman was armed in a bathroom is of no concern to anyone. He had a conceal carry permit and aside from that its his constitutional right. You, my friend, should learn a little about what being an American is all about.

      • sumday

        some of what you say is true and some of what you say is BS. If you read the article the guy who had the gun had just gotten out of the army and had the proper permits to have the gun- nothing illegal there. He pulled the gun bc the cops did not clearly id themselves and as soon as the cops did ID themselves he put the gun away. The article also states that the police did not find anything stolen which means there was no crime committed. As far as removing security camera that is 2 fold, 1 is like you said so criminals won’t know there location the 2nd is so that there is no proof of what they do and it boils down to there word against yours. My brother has been raided a few times in CA for growing pot- legally I might add. He was not arrested either time, but both times the cops destroyed his cameras and after destroying them that is when they started threatening him, destroying his equipment, ect. They out right pointed a gun at his head and told him we don’t care about the law we are the law. They also told him they knew he would win in court but they would still F with him. I can tell you many other stories of cops who behave like this. This is also why cops tell people to put away their cameras when they arrest someone- in those cases there is no claim of protecting their location, so it is all about protecting them from evidence of wrong doing. There have been many cases where cops have been caught on video doing the wrong thing and THAT is why the first thing they do is to destroy all surveillance.

      • Tionico

        I have a carry permit, sometimes carry at home and always carry when away. I don’t take it off and lock it up in the safe when its time to answer the call of doody. Thus, I end up in the loo, handgun “strapped on”, multiple times per day. For one who carries as a First Responder, and who bothered to invest the time and money to get the Mother May I paper, it is nothing unusual at all. No more than using the toilet when I have my shoes on. And yes, that handgun is still there whenever I am in a public facility, as well. No criminal or nefarious intent or action whatever. The right to keep and bear does not stop at the door of the toilette…..

        As to your assertion he was flushing drugs, on what do you base that? Your own despicable sense that anyone in a home where the coppers show up is necessarily up to no good? When they have a no-knock warrent on your neighbour and are too stupid/illiterate to read the numbers on the front of YOUR house and bash their way inside, will their very presence make YOU a criminal? Yes, it will.. because you know you’re inocent, and will react with indignation, at the least, and likely some affirmative protective response. At that point they will certainly make of you a criminal for “resisting arrest”, “interfering with police in the line of duty”, or “despising a cop”. And if you briefly touch one of them, you will surely be charged with “assault against a law enforcement offier”, never mind it was HE who bumped against YOU, deliberately, so as to cause you to “touch” him.

        And as to destroying securiyt cameras, they have no right to do that.

      • Bill Agans

        in case u misunderstood the article, there was NO illegal activity goin’ on. the idiot pigs didn’t find a single thing that was in the search warrant. the cops busted down the door for no reason & violated the family’s 4th amendment rights. people that praise the militarized police for their abuses, deserve to face the same abuse against them, cuz they obviously don’t care about their rights.

      • Alan

        You are a convicted felon who agrees with this? Gee that is a surpirse! Most criminals are running our government and law enforcement nowadays anyway.

      • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

        i don’t know why justin had a gun in the bathroom but i do know why i carry a gun to my bathroom and every other room in the house 24/7—two words—HOME INVASIONS….i haven’t done anything to anyone but i sure as hell ain’t gonna let anyone do me harm either…just saying

    • IraqVet

      It’s becoming more frequent…as the DH”SS” surrogates in local law enforcement expand their training and flex their muscles.

    • Emmit Jones

      The Barney Fife Syndrome is exhibited for all to see. But it ain’t funny now. I am surprised that they did not threaten to to use a flame thrower on the ”desperados” in the house.

    • memikequinn

      Protect and defend has become crush and destroy. I’m over cops’ safety at our expense. We dont need them; we can protect ourselves. If for some reason you’re unable, then I guess life sucks for you.

    • Nun Yad Ambiiz Ness

      This is typical of the fascist regime that now holds the white house and attorney general’s office. The locals are just following suit, don’t you understand? It’s all about power and control–those in power have control. what don’t you understand about these things?? The marxist/stalinist/statist/leftists in control of this government CANNOT allow those of us beneath them to have such things as cameras to show the Nazi/Fascist-like tactics they’re willing to employ to keep us under control!! And, don’t you know they’re so much smarter than we are, so much more capable of picking our choices for us, it’s just a matter of time before they make all of our decisions for us, for our good you know!! /sarcasm

      Please make my decisions for me, yes, absolutely. Then, when you get your b4775 cut off, please don’t scream in my ear like a female, it’s unbecoming. Be a man…or, at least pretend to be one you fascist pig. This, coming from a law abiding, and long time friend of law enforcement.

    • Frank Ferraro

      Don’t know who the dumb tv reporter was “why did they have cameras?” for security, I have 6 on my house so what I should be raided because I must be hiding something? He must be in bed with Obama the way he talks. Police and city need to be sued for what they did.

    • Jon

      Welcome to Amerika. This is just some of the Gestapo tactics the police use .These clowns looked really stupid playing soldier.

  • Brent Busch

    Another case of using a SWAT team for something it was never designed to be used for. I sure don’t see any life-threatening situation that requires the response of a SWAT team.

    The badged goon caught destroying the camera should be fired immediately.

      • kcsunny

        Ruby Ridge? Better check your facts on that one. Not a fan of the police when they stop me speeding but they risk there lives for us in all kinds of situations we could never imagine doing for ourselves.

    • JOHN S.


      • William H.

        hey John S.

        Does the Ankeny PD require CAPs lock for data entry? Your blind defense of cops acting out of line throws mud on cops who do their jobs well. CAPs lock statements are typed by the inept or unstable, or those who think like 12 year olds.

      • JESSE

        There you go William. Cops acting out of line? Blind defense? How were these cops doing wrong? By doing there jobs? By knocking down a camera so the bad guys can’t see what the good guys were doing so they don’t get hurt? I didn’t see a single cop doing anything wrong. PS- does a video tell the whole story? Ever?

      • KCSunny is an unamerican coward


      • Mark

        I guess credit card fraud, a crime that the victims (issuing banks) do very little to combat (I am a merchant and could tell many a stories) now justifies full scale swat teams. And the reasoning is? Just because they said so. There are so many stories like this in which gunfire ensued (by the police) in mistaken addresses, for low level felonies, for false accusations, and more that one would have to just stick there head into the sand to not recognize the complete and utter militarization of our local peace officers. Really, a swat team for credit card fraud? Whatever happened to investigating something before storming the house?

      • TexasHunter

        John I do not need to call the police for anything. When seconds count police are minutes away. Try to stop boot licking and get busy being responsible for your own realities in life. If I do need to call the cops it is for someone or something else. Not for our protection.

    • Matthew Ross

      Thank You Brent, we are glad he is still here with us. This situation could have ended VERY differently. Us brothers were raised by a strong willed and respectable woman. The military trained him to be a fighter no less. Even though as a family we feel wronged we are also happy to see officers return to their families as well.

      NO LIFE is worth risking over MATERIAL items like these guys were searching for.

      • Brent Busch

        He’s lucky he didn’t hesitate to put it down. Even criminals these days are smart enough to yell “police” when they’re busting through doors so they’ll have less resistance.

        I may go out dead, but if anybody ever breaks down my door I’m firing whether they’re screaming “police” or not. I know I’ve done nothing wrong so I’m assuming anybody breaking into my home is a criminal.

    • David C.

      Statistically police shoot a minute percentage of people they come in contact with during search warrants, actually. Although that number goes up dramatically when you are counting movies.

      • wendy

        You need to try to keep up. Watching Good-4-Nothing news networks perhaps? There are stories that make even cops cringe. In fact, the police in my town do not take their positions of power and use it to scare us. They are our friends and neighbors. They treat all of us with respect. Calm, composed and professional is the only way a cop should be. If they would do this with the real criminals (murders, drug deals in the inner cities, predators of children), I could understand. But this? This is cops who were trained for guerrilla warfare. This is not Israel.

    • ms1612

      Good honest people walk around with guns in their hands when the Police conduct a raid? You’re not making sense.

      • Brent Busch

        It doesn’t say “in his hands” so you can stop with making things up. It was in a holster and he drew it when he heard somebody breaking down his door. I know plenty of people that carry while they’re inside their homes, none of them criminals. My pistol is rarely further than arms length away from me in my home.

      • JESSE

        So what you’re saying is that you know these people brent? You know they are not criminals? It isn’t the single issue that would support your theory. It is the complied facts that makes this not support it. These were not good law abiding citizens, who were just minding their own business. You must have been bullied to much in school. Thinking everyone is always picking on you. The police just randomly pick on people. Got nothing better to do then harass people for no good reason at all. Look at everything before being so blind. Your obviously not educated in what police do or you’re a criminal too. Seems like you’re the one who is blindly defending the bad guys.

      • JESSE

        The only idiot is you brent. No one is disputing he had a gun illegally. I am a gun owner too. That’s not the issue.

  • Lena

    My mother and 10 year old daughter were felony stopped by Ankeny police a little over a year ago. Full guns drawn and pointed at my child. They were screaming at them and rushing them. Her car had been stolen 6 months prior and recovered the same day. No one ever took it out of the database. I would say that was pretty excessive. Especially drawing guns on a young child. To this day she is scared of police officers. Sad.

    • JOHN S.


    • David C.

      That is sad. Always make sure to report your vehicle recovered after after it has been reported stolen. Officers always will and should respond to stolen cars in the manner they did in your situation for safety reasons.

    • ms1612

      Police don’t point guns at children! That’s ridiculous! HA! Bad people have children also… how were they supposed to know the child was in there to begin with???

      • tsiyeria

        It’s called target verification. What that means is that you actually look at and process the appearance of the personat whom you are pointing your weapon. As in, take the .2 seconds to realize that you are threatening a little girl.

  • Richard Boesen

    If this was a “Des Moines family”, why were the “Ankeny police” involved ?!! I won’t even comment about the “wisdom” of using masked people as SWAT Team over a ‘stolen credit card’.
    I hope Des Moines’ Police Chief Judy Bradshaw will clarify Des Moines’ policy & WHO-TV will recheck the facts.

    • JOHN S.


      • John S. is a badgelicking turd

        And why did they tear the cameras down? Were the cameras making their faces cold? I await your capslock’d, hysterical, state-fellating reply.

      • Brody

        Hey man, I’ve seen about 6 of your all caps lock comments now and I just wanted to tell you to please do so ever completely shut the hell up. Your opinion is not of any value to anyone else. Thank you.

    • Susan

      read the story….Ankeny police executed the warrant in Des Moines because the alleged theft took place in Ankeny, but the suspects live in Des Moines

  • Michelle

    I live in Ankeny and the couple times I’ve had to call the police they came very quickly, like within a couple minutes, and were very professional.

    • JW3489

      The police in Ankeny are awesome! They have always been there when I’ve had problems. My little boy got lost and they went above and beyond to help find him! Best police dept anywhere. Very professional and trained.

      • Neglectful parents make for bad kids

        You could have like, kept an eye on your kid, thus removing the need of people in authority to track said kid down for you. I know it’s craaaazy to suggest people raise their kids these days

    • ms1612

      Now JOHN S. they don’t have the side of the Police because it’s an on going investigation. They should have waited for a conclusion of the situation before reporting. It did sound awfully judgmental.

    • TCdoneit

      NOTHING! Ha! ‘Traumatized’.. what hype! “Can’t sleep at night”, she says. Freaking too funny!! Yet she did just fine while having two wanted people living in her house! Sounds like someone is trying to get a fat check for nothing!

      • What difference does it make

        Burned in camps. Of course. That makes sense. Express your disagreement with government overreach and get burned in camps. Perfect. Gulags. I love gulags. Interment camps. I love internment camps. I love concentration camps. I love burning other human beings for disagreeing the established worldview. It’s the land of the free and the home of the brave!

      • Kleiner Roboter

        I lived in east germany during the late 70s and early 80s, you Americans are well on your way to it. The Stasi would have been green with envy at the American security apparatus. We had collaborators like yourself there too. There are always your type willing to apologize for authoritarians. Your ilk was insisting “EVERYTHING IS FINE” all the way up until the day the wall came down.

  • ms1612

    There where two wanted people hiding at that property and they had cameras all over? Don’t sound so innocent to me!

    • Debbie

      Throughout the news story I was thinking the same thing. Why are 3 adults who are unrelated living in this house with video cameras EVERYWHERE. That’s just weird, and very suspicious.

      • Missy May

        Did you ever stop to think they have had them due to all of the break ins lately. I know plenty of people in Des Moines that have security cameras in and around their homes and they are law abiding citizens. They are there for their safety and god forbid when and if someone would ever break in.

  • MB

    My credit card was stolen a couple months ago, they have them on camera at 5 different places and des moines “didnt have the technology to identify them”, WHERE’S MY SWAT TEAM?

  • A Cooper

    Going through the records on iowa courts, You see that Richard Adair has racked up alot of charges against himself in the past. One of the more recent was a domestic abuse with a weapon. So the level of force used to enter the home although may seem excessive I believe was correct for the situation. There are cases against Justin Ross for speeding violations and minor tickets for his vehicle. Miranda is not one who is new to the system either.I congratulate the officers on being able to perform the warrant with no injuries occur to either side.

  • William Denison

    This is the Iowa Terry Branstad built. A nazi style state government. Thats what bully and corrupt governors do. Every Iowan should be ashamed of this police state.

  • Lynn Farrington

    I can tell you the police’s side of the situation… Two living in the home had arrest records that supported the likelihood the charges were valid, while a third was licienced to carry. The warrant was likely granted because Scigliano and Adair had records. The helmets, vests, and abrupt entry was likely because those with a carry permit, like Justin Ross, generally have more than one gun and know how to use them. Justin wisely defused the situation by putting down his weapon and keeping his hands in sight. I am very unhappy about the removal of one camera, and the cover up of a second camera. It suggests the officers thought the film would be a danger to them. It’s the most questionable part of the footage.

    • Doug in Jax

      Lynn, The most likely way to get shot by someone legally carrying a gun in their home, is to smash the door in without warning.
      Let’s look at option 2; Surround the residence, and tell everyone to come out with their hands up.
      Or option 3; stake the house out, wait for them to leave and pull them over outside.
      Now those would be low impact methods of dealing with a non time-critical criminal issue.
      Accepting a massive police response to solve a small nonviolent crime case is excessive and should bother anyone and everyone who considers themselves to be free.

  • R Garien

    Ok first off, the house was a crappy little house, but they have that many cameras for video surveillance, yea something illegal is going on there. As far as SWAT it was probably everyday Officers in Tach gear. Identity theft is huge and the the ID rings are huge. My God people use your heads and quit victimizing criminals. I can tell ya watching this video the old lady knew something. She probably was going along with her son and friends.

  • Susan

    to everyone complaining about the police, I hope if you ever need them, they take their sweet time getting to you. I hope they knock politely and wait for the door to be opened and you to invite them in for tea while you are being robbed or held hostage or beaten. You have not heard the Ankeny Police side of the story yet. It is a sad day when they need to defend themselves for protecting us. The one time we needed the police, they were quick, efficient and very professional.

  • megan

    Terrible story! WHO needs to do some fact finding. Why would you have cameras inisde and outside your house? The only reason he was in the bathroom was to flush his dope. If was so concerned about his mother he would have came to aid not hid in the bathroom. Terrible reporting, there are real victims in this community and WHO is so out of touch, they don’t even know who they are anymore.

  • No name

    This is crazy… first off its a drug house. So there for if you live that life or allow your children who take part on these activities while in your home that your problem. Don’t get on TV and act all innocent. Them people all four of then including Justin are involved in a scam of stealing credit cards. Not just the one arrested. And if these people were arrested a week ago. Why you crying now. U enjoyed the money when it was rolling in. I am no fan of the police at all. Every time I need them they tell me it’s a civil matter. So I could set here and complain all day. But bottom line is of you allow this activity to go on in your home. Don’t get on TV acting all innocent. Cause you are not.

  • Mike

    This is a ridiculous story by TV 13. Raids like this take place everyday in the Metro area in an attempt to thwart criminal behavior. Police wear gear like that to one protect themselves and two so they are properly marked to identify themselves as Police officers. The term “knocking and announcing” doesn’t mean they have to knock on the front door. By them pounding on the side of the house that was more than enough announcement. I agree with the other comments..dude is in the bathroom with a GUN ON HIM..who wears a gun in their own house?? Who hangs out in the bathroom…right somebody who is destroying evidence as they see the police approach through the cameras. As for the explanation for the cameras??? Here son was an audio/video guy…really? And what is never mentioned is that police had a valid search warrant signed by a JUDGE!! Look WHOTV 13 is not this ignorant or naive to believe these accusations…so why air it? Cause of ratings!! I think this clearly backfired on them…I will no longer watch this station and I hope the producer who approved this piece takes a hard look at what is really “news”…this was second rate reporting…AT BEST!! What a joke…

  • savoy6

    When you can no longer tell the difference between the ‘police’ and the military, we have a problem..

    The militarization of our nations domestic police force is terrifying, but we passively allow it under the guise of “homeland defense” or “domestic security” or even the nebulous “if it only saves one child…”

    What we are getting instead is the ‘Stasi.’

    The drift toward fascism isn’t sudden.. is it by a thousand cuts.

  • roger bradley

    I believe there might be more to the story that is being told. I know many officers will cover or unhook video cameras so they can cover their search techniques so bad people can’t hide things they don’t want found. They also do if for the safety of all those involved. Also if evidence is found they don’t want it getting out what was found because it could harm the case. Should the officer have broken the one camera? NO! I won’t say who was right or wrong because not all the facts are out. The reason police don’t give time for people to answer the door because most people take their time and if they know it is cops they will get rid of what they have (illegal items) or get ready to fight! I hope the truth comes out no matter what. I also want to say good job to the young man who had his weapon with him. He did exactly what he should have done. And for those of you who say, why did he have his gun in the bathroom please stop. We still live in somewhat of a free country and it his Constitutional right to do so. He could have just came home or was getting ready to leave who knows! I am very glad no one got hurt!

  • USSA

    Just another day in the Rambo Cop filled, Constitutional-Free Zone of the United Police States of America. At least they didn’t kill the dog like they typically do during these terrorist attacks.

    • RUDUMB?

      Have you ever actually read the Constitution? Quote for me exactly where a constitutional right was infringed upon.

      • Brent Busch

        Are you really that stupid? Here, 4th amendment, ignoramus: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”



    • KCSunny is an unamerican coward

      Look at the panicky, hysterical way you reply to messages. You’re a natural coward. No amount of security theater will EVER make you feel safe.

    • KCSunny is an unamerican coward

      And just for your information, Police typically hide behind their armored personnel vehicles until the shooter kills himself in a mass shooting event. Feel free to look it up and prove me wrong though.

      So they’re not going to “COME TO THE RESCUE YAY USA USA WE’RE NUMBER ONE GOD BLESS MURKAH ” like you argue, they’re going to sit in safety and wait it out while you get shot in the face by some psychopath twisted up on SSRI medications.

      How about you take some responsibility for your own safety?

  • Susan

    Watch the video Erv! There is a dog…at about the 50 second mark. I don’t see it get shot. I’m sure if it did, they would have put it in the story. The Ankeny policy do not randomly run around shooting housepets.

  • Susan

    I live in Ankeny. I know many of the officers. They are wonderful people. Interesting how WHO could not find the records for any of these people, but, many of the bloggers were able to. I’m sorry, I think this is very one sided reporting. I realize that reporting is no longer about getting the news to the people, but, about sensationalizing and getting good ratings. this is sad though. Reporting only one, very biased, side of the story in order to turn the public against the police seems very, very wrong to me.

  • Bailey

    I was next door when this situation started. I came out of the yellow house next door and seen two men in full camo (not hunting or military gear) each with assult riffles hiding next to the truck in the drive way. I called the people that were in the house because it was a daycare and there were children inside including my own. I still have no idea who the men in camo were but neiter one looked like any kind of officials. I am still very uneasy about this situation and think we all need more answers to what when on. there is NO reason to have 15 cops including swat to be beating someone door down on a suspition of credit card theft. there should be a better way to go about that. The Ankeny Police department should be paying more attention and looking into things a little better before they come in “guns hot” to an area where several young children are most of the day. I’m very dissappointed on how this bust went down and something needs to change. We should not be afriad of the people who are suppose to be “protecting” our families.

    • JESSE

      You’re only afraid because you fear what you don’t know. Camouflaged guys with guns? Yes they’re police. Who else would it be? You’re going to call someone who the police are going into their house? If you thought they weren’t police, you should have been calling the police instead of wasting time calling someone else.

      Maybe you’re tipping off the bad people to the police raid and now they are going to kill the little children. Why would you automatically assume the police are the bad guys? How many times have you heard of the ‘nice’ next door neighbor (like Jeffrey Dahmer) who everyone thought was great, do horrible things? It happens. A lot.

      There is every reason to go in with 15 cops with ‘guns hot’ (not sure what that is though) to a criminal search warrant. Bad people (even credit card theft, think Target theft which was a multi-million dollar theft) have guns and don’t want to get caught and would be willing to hurt good people (the police we hire to get the job done) for no reason other then they don’t want to go to jail.

      The police have so many officers so that they don’t hurt people. More officers mean they can do the raid faster without fear of not having enough people inside the house to deal with maybe a house full of bad guys?

      The police will put officers outside of a house to protect innocent neighbors from walking into a potentially bad situation. Or keep more bad guys from showing up to help out their buddies!

      Bad people have children too. The police are there to protect them too. Another reason to have more officers there, to get the children out if needed.

      If you fear your police dept. Maybe you should go ride with them and learn about what they do and how they do it. Or go through a citizens police academy so you’ll have more info on what they do to protect us.

      • JESSE smokes pole

        Yes because nobody, ever, has dressed as the police to conduct a robbery. That has never happened and you had better never google it.

    • Concerned Friend

      Thank You Bailey, The family will be discussing Khara’s comments with Linda, one of the main concerns about Ankeny Police’s response was the fact that Children and their Parents were present when they decided to respond in this manner- awful strong judgements from someone that does not see that Sally LIVES there and comes home nightly after she has already ended her work day, then immediately after work completed a class teaching 5 and 6 year olds martial arts…. The family runs a family oriented Taekwondo club just up the road out of a church and spends time mentoring youth and families while enjoying the sport.

  • Dawn W.

    I agree with a lot of the later posts… more to this story and WHO should’ve done a better job. As soon as I heard about all those cameras, I could tell it wasn’t a “my son’s in the audiovideo business.” Please. Find out the rest of the story and then show it.

    • Concerned Friend

      Drug houses do not record video inside… =DUMB idea. Gee lets record us doing illegal things so when the police take the footage they can use it to prosecute.

      • kylie

        I’m sorry drug dealers are smart??? Of course they have video surveillance. Where have you been living? Under a rock?

      • Concerned Friend

        No Kylie, you must be- Sure drug houses do! OUTSIDE…. so they can see what is going on around them… not what goes on inside of them- they already KNOW that. When did it become a crime for normal citizens to own security equipment to protect their homes.

        Before you rag on a veteran, who volunteered himself to serve this country- realize that he also has health issues that cause him to fall down the stairs, black out, and severe arthritis in his back and hips. Video is to both watch out for his safety when noone is home, to watch the animals when away from the home, and just because it is legal to own what you please. Welcome to america. Crawl back under your own rock and preach your own self importance to someone other than ones who have been victimized by poor police response.

  • Wow! Very scary indeed

    I appreciate his service to his country. however, it’s a little concerning that he has blackouts yet carries a weapon around the house with him. If he innocently had it in the bathroom, that sort of implies he carries it around a lot. So….what happens if he blacks out, falls down the stairs, with his legal gun in his hand and it fires into the flock of children these people are supposed to be caring for? I also thought I saw where they taught Taekwondo to children. Sounds difficult to do with an arthritic back and blackouts. but, having the loaded gun around the children sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Gee, I wonder if they have any openings in their daycare? I want my children being watched by someone with these types of health issues and a gun!! (sarcasm in case you can’t tell)

    • Not Scary at all.... Ignorance must be bliss

      You apparently must not be educated in safety AT ALL. Why would he be carrying a gun down the stairs>?? weapons are holstered. He has just a much of a right to defend himself against an attacker as you or anyone else in whatever way the circumstances demand. 2nd Ammendment rights are for everyone, not just who you think gets them.

      Second of all I am sure he has medication for his conditions, and you don’t have to be able to do a lot of moving to teach anything, especially when it comes to instances where there are folks that can help teach, say um… other instructors?

      • Wow! Very scary indeed

        if he is on medication for his condition so that it DOESN”T affect his day to day life, why would ‘Concerned Friend’ bother to mention it? She, or he, if obviously trying to garner sympathy for him because of the condition. If it doesn’t affect his life, no sympathy needed.
        He had his gun in his hand to go to the bathroom. so, who’s to say he wouldn’t have it in his hand to go down the stairs? what if he heard ‘a commotion’ down there and thought there was an intruder?

        I’m all for our second amendment rights. I have no problem what so ever with responsible gun owners. However, carrying a gun around in a house filled with other people’s children does not seem very responsible. Why does he feel that unsafe in his own home? And don’t give me some cr*p about this raid making him feel unsafe. He couldn’t go to the bathroom without his gun BEFORE the raid so that wasn’t the problem.

        how do you know his gun is always holstered? how do you know he doesn’t walk down the stairs with it? I realize that isn’t the safest thing in the world to do. Do you know for sure this man always does everything safely? You know that? Maybe YOU wouldn’t walk around the house with your gun in your hand, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t.

        Also, yes, to teach taekwondo, it does help to be mobile. my child was in taekwondo. a good instructor will actually show the students how the move needs to be done. They will also walk around the room watching the students. they are sometimes hands on to help the students do things properly.

        I think, if WHO truly wants to provide news, and not just create panic and hatred, they will follow up on this story with the police’s side of things.

      • Wow! Very scary indeed

        AND…if this home is so unsafe that this guy can’t go to the bathroom without his gun it seems to be a very bad place for other people to be leaving their children!!!

        Again, all for the right to bear arms. I can see having one in your house for protection. I can even see taking it to certain places where you may not feel safe. Although, I would suggest you not go somewhere that you think you need a gun for personal safety.

        But, if your own bathroom, in broad daylight, is so dangerous you cannot take a leak without your sidearm strapped to your hip, you sure as heck should not be inviting children into your house.

    • KCSunny is an unamerican coward

      Legal firearms carriers don’t just run around rudely brandishing loaded weapons in the general direction of children. If he was to black out and fall down, as outlined in your ridiculous hypothetical, his gun would stay safely in its holster. I know this doesn’t play into reinforcing your hysterics but that’s the reality.

      • MaryS.

        Revolt America!!! Everyone carry your guns and fight back against the evil empire which oppresses you!! If your police can’t do the job we’ll take over for them and police ourselves!!! That’ll work. I’m sure of it.

  • Doug in Jax

    SWAT raid with a no knock entry for credit card fraud? This is what happens when cops have too many toys and too much time on their hands. It they don’t conduct X number of SWAT raids, they might have their toys taken away, so what do they do? Well, that’s easy, they kick your door in. There are few, very few, instances where a no knock forced entry might be warranted. The vast majority of the time its just the police trying to play tough guy.
    A cop who thinks their #1 job is getting themselves home safe is going to eventually kill an innocent person, who isn’t accustomed to the demands of a police state.

  • Tonya

    News guy: what difference does it make that this family had cameras? and their arrest records? The police were after a credit card thief. Seriously, this is criminal on their part and I glad it was caught on camera. This is happening all over the country every day. Police are shooting and killing animals and innocent people in these ridiculous and unwarranted raids. It has got to stop.

    • sam

      Nice. Killing innocent animals and people. Wow. I think I want to live in a society where the police don’t do anything. What a safe and wonderful environment that will be. Because people are not evil and never do anything wrong.

      • sam

        Yes because wanting police to be accountable and abide by the law totally equals wanting a lawless society. You badgelickers REALLY need to grow a proverbial pair.

  • Jake T

    Kicking down the door with guns flying around for possible credit card theft? That’s pretty bad….REALLY Bad ! Glad no-one got hurt.

    • Scott P.

      Because crime isn’t so bad. Right? They didn’t hurt no one!!! Guns Flying Around and ALL!!! We should jail all the police!!! Legalize all drug use too!!!!

      • Scott P.


        Get over your fear.

  • Ryan W

    Altoona police have came into my apartment because I was taking a shower late at night and someone called the police for a noise complaint. They were beating at the door so load i thought it was going to break down. They came in yelling and told me they would arrest me if they ever have to come back.

  • grammar police are the only good kind of cops

    Everybody…Your/You’re….There/Their/They’re…Write it down five times each!! You can do it! Iowa education!!

  • Nate

    Those first few comments, are you people dumb? Do realize how f**king sketchy those cops were being. I am completely and utterly on this woman’s side. Those cops were being very inappropriate!

      • Are You Kidding Me?

        I’d rather they, and you, be with the PD. If they’re not, it’s positively terrifying that they believe what they believe. Why people like you seem to think there’s a “If we say the people are really bad or scary, this is null and void” clause in the Constitution, I have no idea.

        I’ve had plenty of positive encounters with my local PD. But I’m also able to empathize with people who have negative encounters, and point out the wrongful behavior of police. You’re apparently not willing to do so for some reason.

    • Wow! Very scary indeed

      you are attacking the people who think the police are good. you want empathy for the people who have had bad experiences with the police. Why do we assume though, that because of this one encounter, which WHO reported very little about, that all police are bad?

      • NOt throwing out the Constitution

        The posts here claim that the people in that house had been convicted of things like selling drugs and other crimes more dangerous than credit card theft. So, I’m guessing there is more to this story than WHO has taken the time to report.

        As far as their being a ‘null and void’ clause in the Constitution for bad people, gotta say, yep, as far as I am concerned, if you are involved in violent/dangerous crimes, you have forfeited a lot of your rights.

        IF they are truly drug dealers, don’t the children who are in daycare there have the right to be safe?

        I think a lot of people are making a lot of assumptions based on partial reporting.

        Do I think the police are always right? Nope. Do I think they are right more often than not? Yep. I don’t think you really want to live in a world where we don’t have law enforcement and we all just run around with a Glock strapped to our hip all the time. (or a 357 or any other gun..I know some idiot is going to come back and say ‘You’re right, I don’t want a Glock, I want my (insert gun of choice here)’.

  • Bill

    Police lie ALL the time. My lawyer just won a murder case because the officer lied on the stand!! Don’t tell me police do not lie. They are trained to!!!

  • Michael Winslow

    so wait, wait, did I just hear that they have NO WRITTEN POLICY when it comes to conducting raids? The people who are paid to protect and enforce the law, in fact, require no rules or guidelines for how they conduct the most dangerous and invasive parts of their job in this town? Guess you gotta break the law to enforce the law, huh.

  • Educate Yourself

    Some of the comments I’m seeing here are attacking the family. Why is that necessary? The two who were arrested had criminal backgrounds, yes. However, they were acquaintances of the son and were homeless in freezing temperatures and were given a place to stay until they could find a shelter or other housing. A criminal history/background check was not conducted. So, for doing what they thought was a “good deed” this family gets trashed all over the internet and is automatically assumed to be drug dealers and a “drug house”? Where are you getting your facts because they are so far from the truth. Richard was arrested on a warrant for PAST drug related charges, not current. Miranda was arrested on a warrant for PAST violations, not current. What led the police to them was the fact that they were suspects of a credit card theft of which none of the items on the search warrant were found in their possession or in the home. This WAS NOT a drug raid people. The son had a legal Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon. Many of us have them. Why did he have it on him in the bathroom? Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t always take the time to take my gun off when I need to use the bathroom. He did the right thing by re-holstering his weapon when the police identified themselves and left his hands in full view. A lot of you are making assumptions as to what happened. There was no “hiding in the bathroom”, he was already in there when they busted the entry door down; there was no “flushing of drugs”, otherwise he would have gone to jail as well. And the cameras…. there have been a lot of thefts in the area, (including this family’s cars and garage) and being that the son had the knowledge of audio/visual installation, he installed cameras to keep an eye on things and possibly to help the local PD in catching the criminals. It is not a crime to protect your home and other possessions. Khara’s post earlier was totally inappropriate concerning this family. She only works next door and does not know what goes on inside that household outside of her minimal working hours. I consider it lashing out to get her 15 seconds of fame and quite honestly gives all Eastsiders a bad name. I do support local law enforcement. I believe we need law enforcement in our communities, but in this case I think they took it a little too far and this was quite excessive.

    • trying to educate myself by asking a question

      why do you carry your concealed weapon around in your house? Is your home that dangerous 24/7? I have nothing against gunowners..I have 3 brothers that are avid (LEGAL) gun owners. One of them lives in Jacksonville Florida. Our crime is NOTHING compared to what they have. I can guarantee you though, he does not feel the need to carry a gun with him in his own home. HAVE one in the home, yes, have it on his person day and night, no.

      Also, if the cameras were to help catch the burglars breaking into their home and cars, and these guys were A/V techs, why not install a security system? That way, if someone breaks into your house, the alarms go off and the bad man leaves. that way, you don’t HAVE to shoot him. Most of the sane gun owners I know would rather NOT shoot someone.

      • Educate Yourself

        I’m sorry, but once again you are assuming. Who said he was carrying it around all day in his house. Maybe he just got home and hadn’t taken it off yet. I don’t always take mine off right away when I get home. And it’s his right to carry it 24/7 if he wants to. There are a lot of really comfortable holsters out there. Oh and there is a security system in the house, but that only calls the police if an alarm is sounded in which either scares them off or they finish and get out before the police arrive. It doesn’t record the perpetrator and the police are busy so they can’t get there in 5 seconds. Who said anything about shooting them??? I think that was you. Seriously, pull your head out and stop being defiant over everything just to get attention. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s not cool when you assume things and then state them as facts.

      • trying to educate myself by asking a question

        in reply to ‘educate yourself’s comments back to me’ – I never said he didn’t have the right, just asked why he felt the need. Thank you for putting a more reasonable spin on it for me.
        I do see that WHO is NOW saying that yes, some of the people in the house did have criminal histories (other than credit card fraud) whereas when they first aired the story, I believe they said they couldn’t find any history.

        I think this story was very poorly reported. I think it was done intentionally. I think it accomplished exactly what WHO was hoping for…lots of sensational knee jerk reactions…maybe mine might have been a little knee jerk too.

        But, I do still think, if you feel you have to carry a gun to go somewhere safely, maybe you should go somewhere else. If your Wal-Mart is really so bad that you don’t think you can go there without a concealed weapon, shop somewhere else. Yes, you have the right,. it is sad that you think you have the need.

        Do I think there should be armed TRAINED people in our schools, you better believe it! perhaps you have a teacher in each section of the building who goes through training and has access to a gun just in case. Right now, our kids are basically fish in a bucket to be shot at will by any crazy. I guess you can make the argument that that same thing can happen at our local Wal-Mart too and that is why you need to carry your concealed weapon in there.

        There is a difference between knowing gun safety and situation safety.

      • Katrina Anon

        You ask several good questions Educate. Too bad others do not.

        Carry concealed (CC) around the house—
        Yep, I do and so do a lot of other people. Do you schedule all your trips outside your home? If so, you are better than me. Gals typically put their CC’s in their purse, so that is a pretty quick thing to do. If you are a guy in the South, with the mild winters down here (except this winter), it means donning a IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster which takes a few minutes. Since these CC rigs are fairly comfortable, a lot of people just leave them on. If you are up North where you can wear heavier clothes, you have more options. Other people may be living in rural areas and may be going outside on a regular basis and might carry a pistol for 4 legged vermin instead of 2 legged ones.

        The other thing to realize is that carrying CC is something that takes practice. Other people wear their CCs because they want to be acomplished at it when they are out in public. As any CC instructor will tell you CC means carrying concealed. In some states exposing your CC inadvertantly can earn you anything from a citation to an arrest. A lot of people do not realize that.

        Shooting for defense —
        Yes, you are quite correct if you can avoid shooting someone your are miles ahead. I would bet you probably don’t know that would be the advice from any CC instructor. I like to call it the ‘Fear of God’ part of the CC class and is likely one of the reasons there are so few incidents with CC permit holders.

        Crooks and alarms —
        Crooks do not always leave because of surveillance or alarms. Depending on locale they know that police will be quite slow in responding to an alarm. If the are masked they may have several minutes to grab what they want.

        Further do not forget the gal that hid out in the attic near Atlanta when a guy broke in. Even though she had contacted her husband and police the were on the way the thug continued his assault until she shot him with 5 rounds.

        He finally broke off his assault when she bluffed him that her pistol was still loaded. So some people are not disuaded even by firepower.

        Ninja Police —
        If people are going to respectful of the law and law officers, there behavior has to be first rate. If laws are oppressive or police exceed force necessary to conduct their work people lwill loose respect for them and just see them as yet another thug they have to deal with.

        Police should never, except under the most extreme circumstances, hide their identies when making arrests like this. If they had broken into the wrong house or the home owners thought these were people impersonating police officers there could have been a lot of injured or dead people here. Col Jeff Cooper who trained a large number of police officers did not like the concept of Ninja police for that and reasons.

        You should also ask yourself why were the police opposed to video records of what they did? If they were acting lawfully, the videos would have confirmed professional behavior or revealed unlawful behavior by anyone present.

  • Tom

    Best part is the idiot newsreader asking why they have so many cameras as if that were the issue and not the jackbooted thugs that tried to neutralize them.

  • Jolly Roger

    Typical jackbooted Gestapo tactics used by the militarized police of today. SWAT teams serving non-violent criminal warrants as if they are in Afghanistan and not Iowa. Gone are the days of community policing and the ideal of protecting and serving citizens. No doubt these thugs and the thousands like them in every law enforcement department and agency in the country would not hesitate for an instant in carrying out any unconstitutional orders dictated by their political masters.

  • Serio Vitium

    I love how they don’t have to comment on anything ever because “there’s an investigation.” Isn’t that part of answering questions?

    The police have become too militarized, and have lost sight of their mission – to serve and protect. I don’t know what reasons they can conjure to justify this sort of assault over $1000 in credit card fraud. The fact that this happens is almost as disturbing as realizing those in power have no problem with it happening. We’ve truly lost something in this nation in since 9/11. It’s cliche, but it may be time to really look at whether or not “the terrorists have won.”

  • I will try to be a little nicer if you try to be a little smarter.

    So first of all is this common? Are the police somehow tracing stolen credit cards to houses? How did they decide those people were there?Does it matter that the guy had a gun or cameras? If your smart enough to have a gun legally and a home surveillance system how well could you hide a couple credit cards in a house? Do they have credit card sniffing dogs? How is this possibly a productive use of tax dollars? How is this possibly news from the perspective of the people who were raided? News should be informative not perception based. Not to mention the records the news couldn’t find. If the police are doing something that they dont feel comfortable doing on camera they shouldnt be doing it or they shouldnt be police. “Secret search techniques” and “no written governing policy regarding search warrants”???? Finally on the fourth day God looked down from the heavens and bestowed upon the people an infallible police force who could commit now wrong doing. Especially when its their word against someone who is a suspected criminal.

    • Jamie Marshall (@jmeva88)

      I feel for this family. I’ve unfortunately experienced something similar. Had a friend rent a room from me, thought I knew her well enough, but learned the hard way that she wasn’t who I thought she was. My home was raided in the middle of a winter night. No knocks, no announcement of police presence, no warrant despite repeated requests. A smoke bomb, flash grenade, and the busting down the front and back doors is what I got. I was dragged out of my bed in the dark, with no contacts in my eyes and no clothes on my body. Slammed on the ground, nude, and basically stomped on repeatedly (I’m a 100 lb female). It took about a half a dozen times for me to ask what was going on before they identified themselves as police; I honestly thought I was being robbed at first. Bruises all over my body even though I never resisted, since I could see just enough to make out the shapes of the guns in the dark figures’ hands. Handcuffed to a chair on my front porch in barely any clothes in 35 degree weather for four hours while my house was tore apart, for all my neighbors to see.. and I had to beg for the amount of clothes I got, because they intended to bring me out nude. They broke every door in the house. Tore open every cushion. Flipped over every piece of furniture. Shattered every piece of glass. Emptied every cabinet, cupboard, and closet. Confiscated many of my electronics and some cash. Threatened to shoot my 20 lb dogs for barking. Would not tell me why they were there. Some of the officers taunted me repeatedly about what little clothes I had on, called me names, laughed about how they were going to kill my dogs, and asking if my ‘daddy’ bought my house for his ‘dope head’ daughter, since I purchased my home at a young age. My neighbor came out after hearing the noise, and said he almost brought his gun out with him because he was concerned for my safety, not knowing what was going on. The officers flatly said they would have shot and killed him on the spot if he did, and it would just be an unfortunate casualty. After my roommate was taken away in cuffs (I later found out, this was all because of her selling some type of knock-off ecstasy), they admitted to me that they’d been following her and knew I was not involved. Then they basically told me to have fun cleaning up my house and went on their way. The raid was fun for them. They showed no restraint, respect, empathy. Just like this family said, I would have gladly let the officers in if they had knocked. I didn’t have a reason not to. If I had known what was going on in my own home, I would have turned her in myself. The cleanup took weeks. I had night terrors for months. I got put on anxiety medication. I am a law abiding citizen with a completely clean record and a job with the government, but my view of law enforcement has changed dramatically. I do not feel safe in my own home anymore, and I would not feel safe calling these same officers for help. Despite numerous attempts, I was never been able to get a copy of the search warrant or regain the “evidence” they took from my home.

  • Dean Erickson

    CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK!!! Kind of sad people buy into the idea crime is rising so much we need to live in a military environment, when violent crime is decreasing. Google it folks. And lots of people have cameras all over their house, whether it’s a crappy house or a mansion – they’re dirt cheap. is that illegal now? lol

  • Mona

    That’s not “knocking” and this is what they do with terrorists – not something like this. The police state is here, folks.

  • Kim Jady

    What never ceases to amaze me are all the good little Bolsheviks and Nazis that defend the police state. I guess there are a lot of totalitarians in Iowa who believe the old Stalin/Hitler adage, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.” These are the same people who dream of disarming and pacifying the American populace.

    Some lawyer is going to get rich and this family will see more $ than they have their whole life. Of course the naive taxpayers will foot the bill and the police will continue on playing these silly games.

  • Katrina Anon

    Police should never be allowed to mask their identies except in extreme and rare cases. Police uniforms should also have an ID afixed to them and are logged. Ninja outfits only encourage bad behavior since their identies are masked.

    Anytime police destroy video equipment or stop people from photographing the event, there should be an investigation.

    I also believe that police should have a much higher bar to cross when busting in a door. If they had broken in through the wrong door, frightened good citizens, or a citizen who rightly wondered if these were police or thugs impersonating police, the situation could have ended badly for no good reason.

  • DevilDog

    does Not one person ask why Ankeny Police was out of their Jurisdiciton in Des Moines? I understand the crime happend origianlly in Ankeny, but shouldn’t Des Moines PD been in charge?

    • The Concerned Citizen

      Take it easy on them, Justin. They’re just the slaves defending their masters. They can’t help it. Pitty them but don’t hate them. They are not stupid, just well trained. …and, I disagree! I would not wish that upon anyone, well, OK, except the ones that do it.

  • Wm Buxley

    What it is really going to come down to is people having to go to the expense of intrusion protection, heavy unbreakable door and locking mechanisms, unbreakable windows or shutters, impenetrable walls, and a slit in the door where you can demand to be passed the search warrant. On top of this, people must practice steeling themselves to not obey the cops who are manically screaming outside to open the door until you have fully read the warrant. Security cameras must be in place with the video being streamed out to a remote site so that when the cops later lie about what went on, you will have the truthful record to refute it.

  • Freddy blue

    Cops are mostly good people in my opinion just like the reporting of gun violence in America today, we only hear about the bad cop actions not the good ones when was the last time a report was made of someone legally armed saving their life was reported. We are a being played as suckers by the media. When did you last hear about a good cop saving a life, every profession makes bad judgement calls this was one of them, the cops are to much like the military and need to remember we have guns too.if this had been my house I would probably be dead but more dumb cops would be dead as well.

  • Jim Guelde

    You can’t fault the people defending the cops. Heck… there were Jews in Germany who thought the Gestapo were just “doing their jobs”… right up until the door to the gas oven slammed shut behind them.

  • dannaddna

    The goon squad obviously went there to kill someone…they only relented when they realized they were being filmed. Probably the ONLY thing that saved these civilians from a state-sponsored liquidation.

  • jimmyj

    who is the gestapo piece of crap reporter asking why citizens have video? If it wasn’t for the video, these people would have all been put away and arrested.

    • K-Amie

      It’s nice to see an awake American, who actually gets it. This is all just conditioning, so we get used to this type of behavior. That way when we see it around us, we don’t care. People are too busy making ‘sweet tender-love’ to their electronic devices…So good to see someone who actually gets it.

  • AG FLawless

    Sad to read how people are so willing to give up their freedom for a feeling security. let me quote “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Benjamin Franklin

  • ty

    These guys are out of control! I left iowa so I could finally have a normal life because of these clowns and it sounds like they have just got worse. I do not miss the place at all. Kind of funny I haven’t had any more charges nor have I been pulled over since I left outside of last year when I went back to see family and got pulled over and searched 3 times in 48 hours. It’s sad I can’t even go back to see family but that’s the way it goes. I’m just glad I live in a place now where I can have a nice car without cops tearing it all up

  • K-Amie

    I can’t believe all the cowards commenting on here. Are there no real American’s left? We just all take this type of treatment? How sad. We certainly don’t deserve the Republic our grandparents (WW2 generation), left us. So we are supposed to just let the police in our house, like that???? Are you serious? My husband is military, and understands that even on base, you don’t treat people like that. Yes, there are people that are criminals in this country, but what ever happened ‘to innocent until proven guilty’? Now, they just treat us all like animals. How about the story out of Georgia, where they were pulling people over for speeding, and were checking down their pants. Are you alright with that too. This country is going to continue going down the drain, until the decent people say no more. It’s not a matter of fighting, it’s just a matter of respect and actually having a backbone. How about we stand up for those around us, and not let them get victimized by those supposed to protect them. Or are we going to just turn a blind eye, until they come to our door, and no one cares to stand up for us.

  • Jeff Forslund

    if it wasn’t for the cameras the cops may have shot the place up. These cops have to decide who’s side they are on… the gestapo or the people. if they decide wrong…..well that’s their decision and they have to live or die with it. No one any longer should trust the cops…nobody… they are not there for you, they are thugs that carry out their “orders”.

  • Oswaldo Le'mon

    This is the email address for the woman behind the Ankeny raid. She is a captain with the Ankeny PD and her name is Makai Echer. Let her know what a great job she’s doing.…
    Her husband is Rory Echer and he is a Sgt with the Ames, IA PD. They live a very comfortable life courtesy of the tax payer. Thanks to their union they get hefty raises EVERY year and countless hours of vacation and overtime. And they organize raids that would make Nazi Germany cringe.

  • David

    Massive overkill for a property crime for gods sake. The police acted as terrorists in this case IMHO and should be prosecuted from the top down to the supervisors involved.

  • Commonsenseprevails

    I’m willing to bet that was not solely the Ankeny police there…I would bet those are officers from several departments across the metro that comprised that team.

    I’m not too thrilled with Ankeny police, they seem to lack common sense in handling day to day operations in that city. It takes 2-3 of them to process a normal traffic stop. So not suprising to see 8-10 cops get together to take care of normal detective work.

    But I’m also calling BS on the whole “poor me” story. Someone in the house was evidentally doing crap they shouldnt have. Birds of a feather flock together.

    That being said, the whole raid thing, at least from what has been told of the story here, was overkill. But then again, I’m not suprised.

    • JayGoldenBeach

      You need to read more. Using SWAT/TAC units to serve any warrant is almost standard in many agencies. There is not a big need for them 24/7, so to keep in practice, they just send them out to serve warrants – some for violent offenders, but the vast majority for non-violent offenses, like this one. They arrested who they were after, some friend of the family apparently, but that woman is not responsible for what some family friend did elsewhere.

  • David

    That young man who was legally armed and the dog are both lucky to be alive as the terrorist cops love to shoot animals and anyone with what may be a weapon in their own homes. Dear god I pray these terrorists are prosecuted by the FEDS.

  • We the People

    It would not surprise me that someday people might just say they have had enough and shoot terrorists like this at they burst into their home. I could see dead cops laying all over the place if people got fed up enough. My oh My the cops might want to think before they step on their you know whats. People will only take so much just as they did in 1775.

  • Ole in WI

    One person out of three has a couple assault charges 13 years ago, and nothing since. A stolen credit card with potentially only a 1000.00 max of stolen merchandise….and THAT justifies a full SWAT team!? Seriously? Are your guys so incompetent you can’t trust a couple uniforms to stop by with a warrant and take care of this? Scary stuff. Very “Gestapo’ish”….

  • IndEx

    Punks. if you can’t serve a simple warrant for a minor crime with dressing up like G.I. Joe you have no business in law enforcement.

  • Steph

    We have a security camera outside of our home. Our neighborhood has been targeted by thieves for the last year & DMPD doesn’t seem to care. When my husband’s truck was broke into & items were stolen, they attempted to take a police report over the phone! My husband insisted on an officer being sent to our residence…2 hours later. this is not an uncommon story in our neighborhood, we aren’t the only ones with cameras either.

  • Madison is my man

    We had our door kicked in during a burglary a little over a year ago and we have a security system. The sign is posted right outside the door-front and back. It was the middle of a beautiful day with school going on across the street. The people still got away with a laptop and had time to ransack the desk the laptop was on and turn over the mattress on our bed in separate room. They knew they had enough time to do their deed before any response could occur even with the alarm blaring in their ears. Anyway, my thought was and has been since then that I wish we had cameras inside the door (and outside) that would have caught the perpetrators. There were a rash of break-ins last winter in our neighborhood. This is why people don’t feel secure in their own homes. Especially the home invasion types. I can see armed thugs coming in and putting guns to our heads and demanding we cancel the alarm and tell the security company all is well if they do call. This is the reason some have cameras in their homes. This is the reason for arming ourselves in this country. WE are the first responders in our homes!!!

  • Jim Ricky

    Anyone that defends these tactics needs to read the constitution and have their heads checked. You people make me sick, we are so screwed… I hope most of these comments are from government shill-bots for the sake of us all. God help us.

  • Bill

    All the special forces wanna-bes getting to play with their tac gear. This is how innocent people get killed by police treating every situation like their taking down a team of terrorists.
    Poor training = dead civilians.
    When do they get issued their brown shirts?

  • Bill

    What is going on with the police in America? Why would the police in our local town of 2,500 people need a SWAT tank?
    I bet if we could dig far enough we would find the DHS connected somewhere.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    It is the militarization of American police. American’s are now the enemy. Not Al Qeada. They most likely used the SWAT team because they already knew that this guy was a vet and the government has trained police to fear vets because vets are usually armed and know how to handle a weapon. I’d like to say something to the anchor, I don’t know his name but he questions why these people had surveillance cameras and thinks it’s funny that they did. Hey dude, how about they have cameras for reasons just like this? Also why don’t you question the government as to why they need cameras on all of us?

  • F The Pigs

    A heavily armed group of citizens should storm the police barracks and hog tie every one of these pigs then give them all a wood shampoo

  • Sterling Archer

    What’s more disturbing than the egregious tactical assault by these quazi-militarized Barney Fifes is the unquestioning way so many of the commentators here don’t bat an eye at it. Are you really Americans, clueless apologists for these out-of-control thugs, or the same cops themselves, pretending to be everyday citizens? Good thing this family didn’t have any overdue library books! I have no sympathy whatsoever for the hard job cops have. They chose it freely, just as soldiers do. I’d wager that the average soldier, who fought to protect the constitution, would recognize this raid for what it was: a gang of bullies behind badges.

  • Pool Bar Jim Ranger

    I get the impression that these guys are “over televisioned” like the rest of the world. The unfortunate fact is that these clowns can legally go around role-playing navy seal.

  • Ken Pittman

    Strip them of their badges, every cop in the raid and the superiors who nodded to the tactics. Some pussies don’t belong with any authority. I am a conservative and pro-cop on almost any issue. These goofball aren’t cops.

  • Roberto P Willfred

    Police can and will beat the crap out of you whenever & for what ever reason the want. The police don’t ‘have to’ protect you or save you in a life or death issue. Everyone knows this, right? They do not, under any conditions, have to defend you! The police will however arrive ‘after’ you needed them to save you from being shot, raped, burned, or robbed! You will be the only soul to defend YOURSELF when the sh*t hits the fan! Good luck and pass those gun laws folks! P.S. repeal the stand your ground law while you’re at it…………..

  • TL

    Credit Card Fraud, Drug Distribution, Parole Violation Arrest….and I should worry that your door was broken down??

  • JJ

    Oh cry me a river. When police do Search Warrants they do, and must, have it signed by a Judge. They do, and must, go in with overwhelming force. These people are so reactionary. I’m sure this location was a valid location for the Search Warrant, and two people were wanted. These guys did a good job, no one got hurt, and they went home that day. Now pick your tissues up off the ground and go home, you whiners.

  • JJ

    This lady says it was over something as “simple” as stolen property and credit card fraud. Really? A criminal is a criminal. As someone who has been stolen from and defrauded, I support this Search Warrant. FU, thieves!

  • Will

    Thank you WhoTV for posting an image of names and birth dates. Now, where did I put those credit card application forms . . .

  • Bill_Derberg

    I dont think the anchor should have asked “Why do they have these cameras?” Is it strange to have cameras? Is protecting yourself strange? It’s the same old lame thinking, “If you dont have anything to hide, then why do it?” NOT!!! Just look at how it helped them!!!!

  • 1689

    The purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that We the People are as well-armed as the cops, domestic army, or standing army—whatever armed forces that the State raises–which might be used to intimidate and oppress the People, or prevent them from exercising their rights, in particular those listed in the Bill of Rights, such as the right to peaceably assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances. You say that’s nonsense? Learn your history:

    The Founding Founders specifically said that the People’s arms would be “little if at all inferior” to the arms used by a standing army. A little background. Five years ago, the Supreme Court said in the Heller decision that the Constitution, adopted in 1787, itself presumes that every able-bodied man is automatically part of the “militia” (pg 22) and thus the militia is already, i.e. now, in existence. (pg 23) Alexander Hamilton discussed the “militia” in Federalist No. 29:

    “Yet it is a matter of the utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be adopted for the proper establishment of the militia. The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate size, upon such principles as will really fit it for service in case of need. By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an excellent body of well-trained militia ready to take the field whenever the defense of the State shall require it. This will not only lessen the call for military establishments [i.e., a standing army], but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.“ (emphasis added)

    The People can’t be “little if at all inferior” to a standing army in the “use of arms” if they don’t have equal or nearly equal arms. You can’t defend yourself with a .22 if your opponents have machine guns, long-range sniper rifles, & bullet-proof armor. The government gives its security agents ready access to these, plus auto-loading weapons; local police are getting armored personnel carriers. (Criminals already have access to the most lethal weapons. There are estimated to be over 300 million firearms in America). So the law abiding citizen has the right to the same access under the Second Amendment. The point is to prevent a huge disparity or imbalance in power between the People and the government. Otherwise, the People cannot defend themselves; and they could not conduct paramilitary operations against a tyrannical, oppressive government however unlikely it might be that one would arise. That’s what the Second Amendment guarantees.

    • JayGoldenBeach

      The govt did not write the 2nd Amendment for citizens to take up arms against the govt. The militias were in case fellow citizens tried to take over or if slaves had an uprising. When the Bill of Privileges were written, there were several political parties, the govt was new and fragile and was borne of an uprising itself.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    Surprisingly the rousers did not shoot the family dog! Usually the cops will shoot a family pet after invading citizen’s house like this.

    By what right did the police steal their security camera and cover another camera up? To hide their wrongdoing?

    All LEOs should be required to wear body-cameras – they are reliable, affordable and a win-win for police and citizens.

  • One Two Three

    Why did the police tear down the camera and cover the other one? Don’t they all like to repeat the mantra “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.” ?

    Police should welcome the presence of cameras while they’re in the course of their jobs, to ensure professionalism and to keep suspects honest. What were they afraid of? What did they have to hide?

  • Patty

    They may not always be right, but the job is not an easy one. Police do protect your lives and your property the best they are able. They get into situations daily where their own lives are at risk. All of you boo-hooing would be the first to complain if they cops didn’t show up when you needed them. Police, firefighters, EMS, healthcare workers…all thankless jobs YOU wouldn’t want to do without in society.

  • Lars Johnson

    These idiots should work for the TSA!!!

    And anytime anyone says they will not comment further because of an ongoing investigation, you know they are thinking, “OH S**T!!!! We got caught!!!!”

    • MidWestMike

      Spot on. Let the firings and the terminations begin. Every one on this “raid” needs to be looking for a new job at Walmart.

  • Jack Rauber

    I get more concerned each day when I see these types of videos. And rest assured a video capturing this is not the norm. For every video capturing police brutality you can bet there are 100 acts that are not.

    There are several reasons for my concern. I have two boys. Good kids, respectful, good students, don’t drink or use drugs, etc. However, what happens if one of them (or any boy/young man) does not show the “proper respect” an officer feels should be accorded him? It is clear from the videos I have seen these cops do not tell the truth when trying to justify their behavior. You see this over and over where the cops are clearly lying about what created the confrontation. They all seem set on hair-trigger rage.

    In reading through the posts, I share the sentiment that I would feel safer knowing no cop is patrolling my neighborhood or house. I have weapons in the house and I can take care of myself. Laws should be changed. If the call for police originates in the house then they should approach it one way. If the call or violation originates from a source outside of the house, then it ought to be approached very differently. Clearly, the approach used in this situation could have easily turned into deadly force, and the deceased would not have been a police officer.

    There is never any justification for surveillance cameras to be destroyed. Why would a lawful cop do this? He wouldn’t. This would only be done to cover up excessive and unlawful acts.

    There a couple of things that can and should be done. One, review of infractions by police officers should be reviewed by a citizen board, rather than a committee that is aligned with the police force, which is currently the case. Second, a police officer should be held to a HIGHER standard since they are there to protect and serve, rather than a lower standard, which is currently the case.

    Bad cops need to be weeded out quickly and often. They are too important to how our communities live and function.

  • Truth_Stalker

    Whomever thinks that this type of behavior from cops is acceptable in the name of ‘Protecting & Serving’, you really need to grow up and delete the whole ‘Officer Friendly’ PR crap from your kinds. These cops KNEW they were wrong. WHY ELSE would they go to such lengths as to cover up one surveillance camera and yank out another??

    Also, I’m against guns in general (I feel that NO ONE should have them), but anyone who owns weaponry of any kind for the specific purpose of protecting themselves from illegal home invasions from the cops/military, is fine by me.

    To quote the side of Megatron’s Squad Car in Transformers 2, ‘To Punish & Enslave’ is what law Enforcement is really about.

    • startechrist

      The Golden Age is here! Everything changes in six months. Forgive ALL mistakes. Fear nothing or no one. The whole federal gov’t (lowercase) is nothing next to your light. Decide what you are today. Stay in your love light.

  • Moochie M

    Ankeny is 10 miles from Des Moines. Did the Ankeny pigs have jurisdiction? If not, this isn’t just a gestapo raid, it’s a home invasion robbery.

  • george

    they had no right to rip cameras off the property or kick the door in they are in the wrong des moines and the surrounding area is a police state the poor and middle class are at there lack of mercy bad police work i would like to see them do that in a poor neighborhood we need to arm ourselves from the police !

    • startechrist

      They are not pigs. They are frightened men who want nothing more than to feel Loved. They win when they frighten you. Do not be afraid. They have no power over Love. Decide whether you are Love or some counterfeit version that can be damaged. Make your mind up quickly. Everything changes in six months.

      Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to all of my brothers in Ankeny; help them live free and easy.

      . . . There. This will help your whole community. Trust it. Trust Love.

  • Mojavegreen Nln

    That family may have just won the lottery. As for the comment the reporter asked about the cameras. Cameras are generally used for documenting activity or used for security purposes. You know… to record evidence in the event of a crime. I think after seeing this video I will be doing likewise. Trust no one. Those you choose to trust, if they violate that trust, get them out of your life asap. They are not worth the trouble.

  • Doug

    I have video surveillance on my home, front, back and inside. Police capture crime on home and business video all the time, usually from cameras across the lawn or street.

    As for the news anchor saying that the Ankeny Police do not have a “written policy” for serving warrants, I’m afraid they do, it’s called the CONSTITUTION and it apparently means about as much to them as it does the AG in D.C.

    My wife and I both have concealed carry licenses and when we tested and secured them, the officer that taught us told the entire class to wear them at home. He said that he does not answer his own door without his weapon in his hand. If the Police feel that unsafe in this society, then why shouldn’t we?

  • Jim clark

    As a retired SWAT leader and LEO, this is shoddy raid work. The initial reasons to have special weapons teams has years ago given way to using these teams in unwarranted circumstances. The job of the civilian law enforcer is to de-escalate the level of violence whenever possible. How did their actions here do that? Short answer, it didn’t.

    Of perhaps greater concern to me is comments here supposing ridiculous motives toward personal home surveillance systems, or lawful gun ownership inside ones own home, or wild theories about criminality on persons not charged, or wanted, but simply being at a residence during this event.

    Does something like this have to happen to you personally for you to see the dangers of expanding the powers of search/seizure?

    • startechrist

      Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Jim Clark; help him live free and easy.

      The entire federal gov’t (lowercase) is a frightened mess. It is aware that the Golden Age has arrived, and is doing everything it can to stop its progress. But it is powerless next to Love. Tell everyone you know to drop all fear of any man, thing, or no-thing. It is time to help heal the marble.

      Forgive ALL mistakes, even the violent ones. Let go of the past. Help usher-in more beautiful light from high above. Fear is absolutely a waste of time next to the Love. Decide today that you are Love and cannot be damaged in any way, shape, or form. Help others reach the same conclusion. God himself supports this, and nothing can or will interfere with him.

    • Whiskers Riley

      Mr. Clark;

      I concur with your assessment – yet how is it possible for said “peace officers” to enter a home without a legibly signed warrant? It is unlawful, is it not?

  • Zachary Reed

    I like how they put traumatize in quotes like they are making fun of these people for being assaulted by the police. It really shows their bias. People have certain rights that seem to have been forgotten. We broke away from England for violations such as these.

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The Law is pretty clear. Was such warrant presented? They didn’t even wait to see if someone answered before battering the door in. This was not a matter of national security where such action MIGHT be with merit. It’s not like they were making a bomb or something. maybe if we take all the military-like equipment away they will begin to act like peace officers again. How many disasters could be averted by simply not approaching a confrontation with the most aggressive solution first nearly every time.

    One last thing. Don’t forget this amendment: 9th Amendment

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

  • Axle

    This all is disturbing but what is really disturbing as well is the fact the news reporter was questioning the reason why they had video cameras everywhere. I don’t think that something like that should ever be called into question. They are there to obviously have protection when something like this happens… We live in a police state. They are conditioning us the people for what is coming.

    • startechrist

      Do not be afraid. Policemen are powerless next to Love. Decide what you are and keep it moving fearlessly.

      Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Axle; help him live free and easy.

  • D D

    If there weren’t criminals inside (who ran the other way when cops entered), this wouldn’t have happened. It’s their own fault.

  • Tom M.

    Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim. There have BEEN OVER 10 various supreme and state court cases the individual has never won. Notably, the Supreme Court STATED about the responsibility of police for the security of your family and loved ones is “You, and only you, are responsible for your security and the security of your family and loved ones. That was the essence of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the early 1980’s when they ruled that the police do not have a duty to protect you as an individual, but to protect society as a whole.”
    “It is well-settled fact of American law that the police have no legal duty to protect any individual citizen from crime, even if the citizen has received death threats and the police have negligently failed to provide protection.”
    On June 27, in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the Supreme Court found that Jessica Gonzales did not have a constitutional right to individual police protection even in the presence of a restraining order. Mrs. Gonzales’ husband with a track record of violence, stabbing Mrs. Gonzales to death, Mrs. Gonzales’ family could not get the Supreme Court to change their unanimous decision for one’s individual protection. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOLKS AND GOVERNMENT BODIES ARE REFUSING TO PASS THE Safety Ordinance.
    (1) Richard W. Stevens. 1999. Dial 911 and Die. Hartford, Wisconsin: Mazel Freedom Press.
    (2) Barillari v. City of Milwaukee, 533 N.W.2d 759 (Wis. 1995).
    (3) Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982).
    (4) DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189 (1989).
    (5) Ford v. Town of Grafton, 693 N.E.2d 1047 (Mass. App. 1998).
    (6) Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. 1981).
    “…a government and its agencies are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen…” -Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981)
    (7) “What makes the City’s position particularly difficult to understand is that, in conformity to the dictates of the law, Linda did not carry any weapon for self-defense. Thus by a rather bitter irony she was required to rely for protection on the City of NY which now denies all responsibility to her.”
    Riss v. New York, 22 N.Y.2d 579,293 N.Y.S.2d 897, 240 N.E.2d 806 (1958).
    (8) “Law enforcement agencies and personnel have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others; instead their duty is to preserve the peace and arrest law breakers for the protection of the general public.”
    Lynch v. N.C. Dept. of Justice, 376 S.E. 2nd 247 (N.C. App. 1989)
    New York Times, Washington DC
    Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone By LINDA GREENHOUSE Published: June 28, 2005
    The ruling applies even for a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

  • a mang

    Facts: Known drug house (see also: DCS Meth charge on the male)
    Cops KNOW there’s weapons in the house (kid did have firearm!)
    Arrests warrants were for FELONY CHARGES (read: goingtojailforalongtime#motivationtoresistarrest)
    Surveillance = paranoid druggies …seriously wtf

    Police Math…

    Felony search warrant + guns in house = High Risk

    The price you pay for slinging dope and stealing other people’s stuff.

    I’m glad this house isn’t in MY neighborhood! Aren’t you?

  • startechrist

    Psychological warfare. Policemen operate with broken hearts. Do not fear them. They are harmless men who have a crude way of asking for Love. Give them that only. You cannot be damaged, unless you think you can. This is a mind game. They win when they make you afraid of them.

    The Golden Age is here! Hallelujah!

    Imagine peace. Relinquish fear. Love is power.

  • Brian

    Ankeny police executed the warrant in Des Moines because the alleged theft took place in Ankeny, but the suspects live in Des Moines. Why were there not any Des Moines officers there to serve the warrant or the Sheriff of the county? Sounds like retaliation to me.

  • Cory

    The fact they (cops) broke and covered the security cameras to me means every cop there should be fired. They know what they’re doing is wrong but they do it anyways.

  • Whiskers Riley


    Can you say “Lawsuit”?

    In conclusion, if your home is entered without a LEGIBLY SIGNED WARRANT they CANNOT ENTER YOUR HOME.

    Can you spell “Lawsuit”?!?

    To learn more research this shows archives or call YusefEL on his show…

    Rules to the game- Prison Bonds
    This Show is a Continuation from yesterdays show.
    by YusefEL in Education1 week ago

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