NEW DETAILS: Ankeny Police Responds After Raid

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STORY UPDATE: Police have decided to hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the execution of the search warrant – look for updates from the news conference here.

New details are emerging in the story first aired on Channel 13 which has since gathered national attention.

According to a search warrant, Ankeny police were looking for about a $1,000 worth of items purchased with a stolen credit card when they raided a Des Moines home. A Galaxy S3 cell phone, a 46 inch Hisense TV and a Redbox movie were among the numerous items being searched for.

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Home surveillance shows about a dozen police officers storming the Des Moines house to execute the warrant.

Ankeny police said they knocked before busting down the door but the video shows only a few seconds pass between the time when an officer pounds on the house and a battering ram is used.

search warrantThe video also shows an officer ripping a security camera down from the front of the house after officers are inside.  Another officer covers a camera inside the home.

Tuesday, Ankeny police captain Makai Echer says they look at several factors when deciding whether to enter a home this way or by simply knocking.

One factor is the criminal records of those involved.

Monday, we reported one of the four people listed, Richard Forestier Adair, had no real criminal record.  But the name on the warrant is apparently wrong. Adair’s middle name is Foster and he does have a long criminal record but very few violent arrests. Adair has two assault convictions about 14-years ago and a domestic assault conviction in 2002.

A police spokeswoman also said officers believed there was a gun in the home.  The man who lives there, who does not have a criminal record, does have a weapons permit.

Police did not appear to have found any of the items listed in the warrant and two people were arrested on unrelated charges.

Ankeny police would not address why the officer ripped the security camera from the wall.

Despite the raid occurring in Des Moines, Ankeny police say they’re investigating the credit card fraud case because the alleged theft occurred in Ankeny.

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  • Brent Busch

    “A police spokeswoman also said officers believed there was a gun in the home.”

    What a lame and pathetic excuse! The majority of homes in this country have a gun. The fact remains that Ankeny SWAT completely over-reacted and put lives in danger because they wanted to play G.I. Joe tough-guys. If one of their cops had been shot during this raid I wouldn’t have felt the least bit sorry for them because they brought it on themselves with stupid and reckless tactics. If Justin Ross had been shot by one of the officers they would have made up the excuse that they were justified in their actions, all because they decided to perform an idiotic raid.

    “When critics (like me) warn about the dangers of police militarization, this is what we’re talking about.” – Radley Balko

    • QNWYA

      You sir, are a ranting anti government lunatic. You make no sense and your so called arguments are completely insufferable. No one can argue with the mind of a child. You should educate yourself more widely to be able to get ahold a viewpoint with which to argue from. Even your author you like to quote from has a more understanding of the issue. He doesn’t believe all police are evil. Most likely you should see a therapist to speak with over your anger issues. Do this quickly before you have medical issues from all the stress you must be feeling.

      • Brent Busch

        Hey moron, I’m the one that alerted Radley Balko to the story which got him to write his WashPost article that was picked up by Matt Drudge. Don’t tell me anything, I’ve probably read far more about bothced SWAT raids than you ever will.

      • Cop Watch

        You have seem to miss what went down in Omaha almost a year ago. 18 officers arrived on a scene and ALL of them lied on their report. If it were not for a good neighbor filming the entire thing (video does not lie) you would assume the people making the complaint were telling a lie. Here is few questions you should ask. What did the reports from these officers say BEFORE they realized the home owners had a video. Did these officers make an attempt to destroy the video? We know they attempted to destroy or block the in home cameras. You don’t think there are any bad cops out there. If there are bad cops than there is spineless cops that turn thier back and allow these bad cops continue with their bad behavior. Logic says you cant have one without the other.

      • Cop Watch go to 2:50 seconds and watch the cop with the hand cuffed guy on the ground look around (I am quessing to see if anyone is watching, than he starts to punch a hand cuffed guy) I should add AFTER this video went viral the three officers originally at the scene plus the watch commander were fired and the three officers are facing charges. Oh yea that cell phone the guy had filming from the side walk was found in a trash can in a public park without the simm card. Cops are nothing but cowards with badges and this video proves that. Also note prior to back up one of the cops goes to his car (shuts the dash cam off) than chases that guy back in the house. Why would he shut his dash cam off before he was going to make hard contact with the suspect. YOU MY FRIEND HAVE BEEN DRINKING WAY TO MUCH OF THE KOOL-AID

      • Rex Reed

        I was falsely accused of hitting a gov’t barricade and driving excessively when approaching Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. Guards made me pull over, wouldn’t let me get out of the car, wouldn’t even listen to me when I told them I did nothing wrong. The guard said the cross bar to the barrier gate was wiggling (since I had hit it). Once the MP’s showed up, they examined my car, the gate, and gathered eye-witness testimony. After an hour, they finally confronted me in my car. I replayed the event from my dash cam. That’s when everything turned to my favor. I could prove I didn’t hit anything and my driving was not excessive. These people WILL cover for THEMSELVES.

      • Glen

        Quote from QNWYA: “You should educate yourself more widely to be able to get ahold a viewpoint with which to argue from.”

        Try taking your own advice. So the cops said they believed there was a gun in the house. So what? the son staying there has a permit to carry one. So you think there might be a gun in the house? well duh! The truth is the cops were sloppy and screwed up. It wouldn’t have been as bad had they simply admitted to their mistake, then follow up with some sort of restitution, at least repairing the damage to the house and security system. But no, they have chosen to make dumb excuses in an attempt to cover or justify their actions instead.

      • Suzea

        He’s not anti-government. He believes the constitution unlike you. You believe in running rough shod over whomever you choose, right way or wrong way, your way is the only way. There are rules in place to guide you in these situations; you do not follow the rules because of your power, and because of your “power” you get all offended when someone points out your unlawful tactics.

      • bj

        Interesting how you insult the person commenting rather than actually make any real substantive arguments. Is that because you lack any arguments or because you’re just a bully?

        I live on the other side of the world to this raid (and yes, it was a raid, despite what the ‘peace officers’ call it) and all I can do is shake my head at what the USA, the land of the free, is becoming. Police accountability is almost non existent.

        The People, who are the masters of the police and public servants, are trampled all over by faux soldiers who do do not understand their oath to the Constitution.

        I bet I know more about the Constitution than you and I don’t even live in the US!

        You want a standing army? You got it. Are you going to defend the militarised police when they come banging at your door? And don’t say they won’t have a reason to. No one is safe in a police state. I hope you can open your eyes and see what is happening, sooner rather than later.

      • Suzea

        I think you are reprimanding me when I was defending you. When the person said you were anti-government, I was saying you were not anti government. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth while to speak on here.

      • Stef Fletcher

        Trying to figure out how Brent’s comment is anti government and deserving of such a strong, over the top response. Plus, your thoughts certainly reflect a unique and challenging point of view!

    • JayGoldenBeach

      Was that a family dog that the rousers failed to shoot? Or was it a police dog?

      It didn’t seem to be on a leash, yet none of the officers seemed to be in fear of their lives because of an unleased dog. So I give them a point for sparing the family’s dog if that is the case.

      • Tocqueville

        I did too. Thank goodness…the last one of these I watched where they entered the wrong home, they made amtters worse by blasting the dog.

  • Brent Busch

    “Ankeny police would not address why the officer ripped the security camera from the wall.”

    Of course they won’t, they don’t have any excuse for that, or covering up the 2nd camera, other than to cover up their outrageous actions. Remember, when law enforcement officers violate citizens rights they like use the excuse that “If you’re not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide.” Guess what, it works both ways.

    • richbarnett

      These stupid buffs should just take out the checkbook and ask “how much?”.

      The worst part is that the taxpayers are forced to pay for these retarded GI Joe wannabe’s.

      I come from cop family. My brother is my best friend and runs the street crimes unit of one of the patrol boro’s of NYC. He probably has more felony collars and convictions in a month than the entire careers of those bozo’s in the video.

      I hope that perp-y cop who ripped the camera out of the wall has his job ripped away from him. I never root for woking men tho lose their livelihood but that guy is an accident waiting ot happen. He will hurt an innocent person and probably has already hurt many.

    • LegalTeacher1978

      That was just one item listed on the search warrant. Most likely because it was rented by using a stolen credit card.

  • B. V.

    This whole story is irresponsible and ignorant on the part of Channel 13. Law enforcement officers don’t show up in the news studio telling you how to do your job, and essentially you are trying to tell them how they ought to be doing theirs. Just as police officers have not been educated and trained in news broadcast, you have not been educated or trained in law enforcement, but you still make assumptions. How different would this news story have been if an officer had been shot while entering this home? It would be nice to see the media give public safety employees the benefit of the doubt given the very dangerous nature of their jobs. Instead, you feel is warranted to always assume there was some sort of misconduct. How absurd. The surest way to make sure this never happens to you is to make sure you aren’t housing felony criminals in your home, and that’s what the reality in this really boils down to.

      • TomW.

        Being a police officer is easy??? Are you one or ever have been? Being a fat lazy slob doesn’t make you an expert.

      • Suzea

        It is not my place to call anyone stupid, but you should work with the police just a couple hours.They do not have an easy job. They have a dangerous job and issuing a simple traffic ticket has ended in the life of the officer. You help make the problem of over zealous police worse by minimizing their tremendous responsibilities. There are rotten apples in every barrel and their are power hungry people in every organization, and while they should be routed out, the good ones should be respected. It is hard to believe the statement ‘the police has an easy job,’ comes from an adult American.

      • B. V.

        I was able to find zero information indicating Balko has any expertise on issues surrounding law enforcement. I, however, work very closely with law enforcement in an adjacent public safety role, and I will not elaborate any further than that. Suffice it to say I do know what I’m talking about.

    • B S

      That is a load of bunk. Ankeny police have a reputation of flexing their muscle while ignoring the civil liberties of those in the community. Will never live there again after dealing with those clowns, especially Bowersox and his crew.

      • BSS

        Said angrily by the guy who’d been arrested multiple times by the Bowersox and his crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure they’re glad you’re gone too!

      • B S again

        Never been arrested. Never done anything illegal to get arrested either. That’s the point. Regardless, that has nothing to do with certain members of Ankeny PD being complete toolbags.

    • richbarnett

      Wow, you’re a hopeless buff. Did you see that cretin rip the camera off the wall? Which part of the search warrant gave him permission to destroy private property? You have to be a troll. Or, maybe you’re that retarded cop…

      • B. V.

        Actually, you’re both imbeciles. The reason the camera was removed was to ensure their safety. If an armed criminal inside the house can see what you are doing and where you are, they have the ability to ambush you. Disconnecting surveillance devices outside the home the team is entering is standard procedure designed to reduce the likelihood an armed offender will be able to monitor, then strike, the officers outside the home.

    • geoff

      Bow down to your masters, bootlicker! Did you watch the same video we all did. The boys got all dressed up with their toys over $1,000. Surprised no one was killed.

    • Dr. Kelley

      What you said is pure b.s.!!! I’m not a cop or a lawyer (although I have many friends who are both, and some who are judges), and even I can see the blatant disregard for the Constitution and the rules governing their jobs. First of all, the Constitution guarantees us the right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. They may have had a warrant, but they were out of their jurisdiction and did not have the authority to perform their jobs in another town. They should have presented the warrant to the Des Moines PD and had them to execute the warrant, if they so justified. Secondly, if it were me and they did me that way, I would IMMEDIATELY file a complaint against each and every one of them with their department AND I would file a lawsuit so fast in the US District Court that it would make their head spin!!!! Believe me when I say, they would NEVER, EVER even step on my property again!!! Nor would they ever even so much as stop me. Fortunately, I live in a place where it has not gotten to the extreme as it has there. smh!!

  • Oswaldo Le'mon

    I think clearly the blame for this falls on Capt. Makai Echer and Lt. Ben Bowersox. There is a facebook page set up just search flood ankeny police with calls and you can find it. There is a nice picture of Capt. Echer wearing an expensive leather jacket.

    • Sarah

      Of course any blame (if there is any) would fall with them… they’re the ones in charge…

      Making the poor receptionist at the police dept field all your harassing phone calls will not make this situation any better. Please leave her alone. Write them a letter or an email and be done with it.

      Harass them too much and you’ll get arrested. What a good point that would serve.

  • Maverick

    Uh, one glaring thing here, unless juris diction law has changed; it should have been DMPD who investigated and raided.. I feel a lawsuit by the innocent homeowner coming. Ankeny, DsM’s whiny little sister, is to irresponsible to have a “Big Boy” toy like a SWAT team. After all, no evidence has been found per the warrant, so any other would be inadmissible anyhow. This homeowner deserves remuneration for their damages and besmirched name!

    • LegalTeacher1978

      Uh, more than one glaring issue here… jurisdiction for Iowa law enforcement officers is the whole state. Officers in Iowa go through a state run academy and are state certified peace officers. Their jurisdiction is the state. There are no boundaries other than the state lines. Each city or town usually stays within their boundaries unless getting people who have committed crimes or if necessary complete search warrants or interviewing people. Agencies will usually notify the agency in which they are going to operate out of as a courtesy. As for ‘hot pursuit’ they may enter any other state and continue until resolve. *Think of Smokey and the Bandit, with Buford T. Justice chasing after the Bandit in Hot Pursuit.

      After some brief research, Ankeny Police Dept doesn’t have a SWAT team. There are two SWAT teams for the Metro area, and they are utilized by different agencies independently. Ankeny officers would have only been present to conduct the actual searching for any of the items listed on the search warrant. This is basic search law 101. Most likely the detectives in charge of the case not regular street officers. Detectives don’t wear tactical gear.

      Everyone seems to keep forgetting that a judge had to have seen enough probable cause (actual facts, not subjective officer based testimony) to authorize the search warrant to begin with. Search warrants are executed by varying methods and depending on the background of the situation and individuals will include a SWAT team being used.

      With the subject inside the house being armed and with the criminal histories (doesn’t have to recent to indicate possible violent recourse), the safest would be to use a SWAT team to make the house secure before completing a search warrant.

      Also remember just because a search warrant is issued and served doesn’t mean that they are guilty. But it also doesn’t mean they aren’t innocent either. Just means there was enough evidence to keep looking for more evidence of a crime.

      Yes the officer who broke the camera will have to answer for that… Most likely receive discipline through his agency and their dept will have to pay for the damages. *It’s like a football player getting too rough with another player, it’s an aggressive job and sometimes they get too carried away. It’s a penalty and should be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Not by over reaction.

      People are people. They make mistakes. Even police officers. If he’s a bad cop then fire him. If he’s a good cop, make sure he understands what he did is unacceptable and put him on notice if it happens again he’ll be fired.

      As for the innocence of the subjects in the investigation, all this will have to wait for further vetting as the facts will have to be tried by a judge and jury of the people. The police are only fact gatherers for the court. A single arm of the Justice system. Not the whole thing.

      Police, for the sake of protecting the people they are sworn to, cannot release investigative information until the case is completed. Otherwise they can face litigation and criminal charges for breaching said investigation.

      Yes there have been some bad police officers in this state. They have been fired and/or jailed, thankfully. No excuses for bad police. The ones who continue to be bad will be found out by the public or good officers and be expelled and prosecuted. However, all and all like most other jobs out there, most of them are excellent at their jobs and care about the people they protect. Lumping all police in a category of ‘evil gov’t warmongers’ is ridiculous. *It’s like saying all priests are child molesters just because they have caught a few who were.

      We as a people, need to keep an eye on our government, which include the police. It’s our civic duty. It’s the reason we have the right to bear arms. If needed to overthrow a corrupt government (the reason we left England). But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions like the Salem witch trials and start burning people at the stake.

      • Oswaldo Le'mon

        I’ll go with you on some of the legalese of what you’re saying, but you miss the point of the uproar. The suspects weren’t there! This was overkill. We use the SWAT team for violent criminals and there were none there! The one kid had a permit for a weapon like thousands of others in the state. Just because you can knock the door down, doesn’t mean you have to! I have a feeling you teach criminal justice and one of the many junior colleges around town that do so and you probably have hundreds of LEO’s as friends. I can’t believe you teach CJ and aren’t aware of the national backlash towards these kinds of raids and modern police tactics in general. I’m sure you’re up to speed on all the asset forfeiture laws around the country as well?

      • Oswaldo Le'mon

        Plus, don’t be such a blowhard. You sound a lot like the 30 year old cop that’s an expert on everything under the sun because he has a badge. YOUTUBE has thousands of videos of LEOs looking stupid as they ramble on about the law while being wrong and looking stoopid. If I’m wrong and you actually teach law and not criminal justice, do you mind sharing where that is? I want to make sure my kid doesn’t go there.

      • B S

        This was big time overkill. All of this over suspicion of a stolen credit card? Most other parts of the country, the show of force would have been minimal. The other problem here is this is not the first time that Ankeny PD has pulled this. There really needs to be more investigation into these matters.

      • Suzea

        Due process is best, but If you live long enough you will see crooked police, crooked judges, crooked lawyers. And, to carry it on, crooked congressmen, crooked presidents. So all the stuff you listed.., while it might should be the case, you must take into consideration the human element that does not adhere to the law; the lawmen themselves. Just one example: This country was established as a Republic not a democracy. It was first established our freedom of religion, free speech. Both are being seized from us daily. For instance, one person can speak certain thoughts or sentences or single words, and their lives are destroyed, while another can say the same or even worse and they will rise in fame and power. In addition, freedom to bear arms against a corrupt government is a under attack daily in almost every state. So all your message, which might have merit, does not in the face of corrupt and power hunger individuals, whether police or judges.

      • cvr527

        “Yes the officer who broke the camera will have to answer for that… Most likely receive discipline through his agency and their dept will have to pay for the damages. *It’s like a football player getting too rough with another player, it’s an aggressive job and sometimes they get too carried away. It’s a penalty and should be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Not by over reaction.” Here you demonstrate conclusively that your opinion deserves no merit what so ever. Your argument that a police officer conducting vandalism, possibly with the intent of covering up a felony crime, should be dismissed as if he is just a hopped up football player, is NONSENSE!!! Police officers have adequate training and must be held to a higher standard if they are to remain credible in the eyes of the law and of the citizenry. A police officer committing a criminal act, has zero relationship to a football player or anyone else in society, they are law enforcement officers, entrusted by society with the use of deadly force. That fact alone makes them exclusive in society and also demands that they be held to the highest standards of conduct. In order for law enforcement to maintain their contract with society they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There are no acceptable excuses
        for their criminal conduct.

    • TheMrR

      As soon as you used the term “blowhard” it invalidated anything you have said. Learn to debate without calling names, it’s the adult thing to do.

      I enjoy watching everyone jump to conclusions. It’s what makes this country great. I think it was the first amendment that said something about us having the right to assume things without knowing all the facts.

      I think we should wait to see what Ankeny has to say today and maybe someone will be kind enough to actually post the search warrant so we may read it and see what they were looking for and who they were looking for.

    • Moistboyz

      It’s all LOL until it’s your name on the warrant is “apparently wrong.” Then comes a Steamship or a diesel train of tar and poison gas
      It’s comin’ your way your lungs turn grey
      Lookin’ at me but whatcha gonna say?
      There’s a price to pay ‘cuz I’m here to stay
      So don’t start thinkin’ nothing’
      I might not have a dime to speak of
      But the man he gave me somethin’

      Just move over you’re a second hand
      I’m the real mccoy call me a first class
      Hide your baby she might get cancer
      If she plays we me she’ll die much faster

  • richbarnett

    Our founding fathers would cry for the republic if they were around to witness this buffoonery.

    Which part of the search warrant provided the writ for destroying personal property? Anyone defending this clown show has to have some skin in the game…

  • William Denison

    Nazi tacics plain and simple. Blocking cameras only shows me that the APD are bullies and cant be trusted. Its obstruction of justice to cover or damage cameras recording you in someone elses home.

  • William Denison

    Folks need to conseal their cameras better inside and out and hide the DVR so it cant be taken in the event of a break in.Or have the video recorded on another PC outside your home.Thats what I do Having cameras myself has saved me alot of grief. Well worth it. Cops are not always the heros they are made out to be.

  • Rachel

    Until you vote in city elections to remove the mayor and council. Until you make these issues have political consequences. Nothing changes. Elect those running who will cut the police budget by 50% or more. They obviously have too much money. Too many toys to play soldier. Cut the budget. Give them just enough to find the serious bad guys. Not a penny more. Do that. Then you will be restoring liberty.

  • Wm. F Luedtke (@WmFLuedtke)

    This was overkill by the Ankeny police department. The real question here is what relationship are the guests to this family? It sure appears that there may have been some cause for this action. They were after the two guest and I will bet you 3/1 that they are addicts and purchased items on the stolen credit card and then either tried to return them for cash or pawned the items. I also believe that in order for the police to react in such a manner they may have been fed some misinformation to start out with.

    • richbarnett

      That’s not fair. These cops are thugs, as evidenced by the video.

      Cops are human beings and there are bad apples in any bunch.

      I’m a big supporter of my local police department (NYPD) and surrounding counties. I’ve raised thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars for 10-13 events throughout the years. I chaired the charity foundation for my investment company (a 15 billion dollar IA and hedge fund) and directed a single 6 figure donation to the widows and orphans fund in 2006.

      Basically, I’m a bigger cop supporter than most cops.

      The cops on this video are dciks and should apologize to citizens of their community. A real apology. I’ve got tons of friends who work in warrants and they don’t buff it up like this when they’re hunting a murderer.

      ripping the security camera off the wall is unforgivable and an insult to decency. That “cop” should beg for forgiveness. He’s not a real cop.

  • Anonymous

    His middle name is Forestier It always has been they have it wrong on Iowa Courts it says Foster but if you look at the actual charges it says Forestier. I dated the guy I know his middle name

  • Steve G

    As a victim of a botched police raid, I can assure you this goes on regularly and probably will get worse. The police have a tough job to do but a little investigation can go a long way. When they came through my unlocked front door and pointed a shotgun at my 12 year old daughters head I realized these guys have no regards for anyone but themselves. My crime was living next door to a biker/drug dealer/ FBI informant that told them we were dealing prescription drugs. After only finding my wifes meds for the MAJOR neck reconstruction she just had, they managed to find a small amount of marijuana in our bedroom. Hmmm, where did that come from. After having my hand slashed open(later received 18 stitches) and kicked in the head in front of my family while handcuffed and bleeding face down on the floor, they wrote us a ticket for possesion of marijuana and left.

  • PeterE

    There’s more here than credit card fraud. My initial thoughts were that the police noticed the inordinate amount of surveillance gear outside this home and presumed nefarious causes. Since they had no evidence for a No-Knock warrant, they concocted the credit card fraud for purposes of conducting a raid. But this is outside of the Ankeny jurisdiction. Therefore I’d run a parallel investigation to find out whose name the fraudulently used credit card was under and if there is a tie back to anyone in the sphere of influence of the Ankeny Police.
    Make no mistake; they were NOT executing a search warrant. This was an illegal No-knock raid. Both the cities of Des Moines and Ankeny will be in trouble over this. The City Councils and the Mayors of both cities need to step in immediately and conduct investigations.

  • jimmy d leaf jr

    All in all, it does not matter what the police thought, what dangers they thought was there, they were not authorized to be there. If city police were allowed to go to other cities to conduct raids etc. We would not have state or county police. If they harmed my mother, or her dog they would not like my response at all. I am not Justin or my other brother, I do not live there and I am not a very nice person at all, in fact most ppl posting on here would be scared. They jerked up on that raid and I will thank ankeny in advance for paying for my 63 year old mother’s retirement. And for you others, my brother will be handled for bring that garbage, that danger to my mother’s home.

  • Eliot

    A SWAT raid over ONE stolen credit card and $1,000 worth of merchandise? Petty theft? What’s next – a SWAT raid over your grandmother’s underwear that went missing from her clothesline?

  • FascistPigs

    People that believe this kind of behavior from police is acceptable deserve to be deported to North Korea where they can feel more at home.

  • MD

    Lets remember there are 2 sides to every story folks. Could the SWAT team have possibly been working with somebody with fire arm and meth charges history…that had run into the bathroom WITH his firearm? Hmm…I guess the better way to have handled it would’ve been to send a formal invitation TO: Methhead with Gun Please allow us to come to your home and X date and perform a search. We look forward to your full support FROM: SWAT . Care to take a guess at how X date would’ve played out? Shtuff gets messy, police & SWAT teams are not in the business of hurting people, they protect. I’m sorry, if you live by the sword……

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