POLICE RAID: Amount Of Force ‘Mind Boggling’

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The lawyer of a family at the center of a national story responded to claims made by the Ankeny police chief Wednesday.

The family’s house was raided by Ankeny police. Surveillance video shows officers using a battering ram to force their way into the home to search for suspects accused of using stolen credit cards to buy clothes and electronics.

A camera installed outside the home was ripped out by one of the officers and another inside the home was covered up during the execution of the search warrant.

“I take great issue with the Ankeny police chief who says they knocked, announced and no one came to the door. The video discredits that totally. There was a technical knock when they battered down the door,” attorney Peter Berger said.

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Berger added, “It’s mind boggling this much force was used.” He also went on to describe the comments by the Ankeny police chief as “one-sided.”

Watch raw video of Ankeny police chief Gary Mikulec responding to claims his officers used excessive force here.

Two men were arrested during the raid on unrelated charges. Additional charges have been added since they were arrested. One other person has also been arrested in connection with credit card fraud.

Read the search warrant

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  • TheMrR

    After reading the warrant I see that they found meth on Ross as well as drugs/para in many other places. Meth and a firearm? Sounds like a warrant will be out for him.

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