HOME RAID: Watch Ankeny Police’s News Conference

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The Ankeny Police Department held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the execution of a search warrant at a Des Moines home last week.

Watch the raw footage of Ankeny police chief Gary Mikulec:

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We'll have more on this story on the Channel 13 News at Five and Six.

Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbreck brought you the story first on Monday after being contacted by Justin Ross. Ross says Ankeny police used a battering ram to force their way into his mother’s home to search for suspects accused of using stolen credit cards to buy clothes and electronics.

A closed circuit television camera installed outside the home was ripped out by one of the officers and another inside the home was covered up during the execution of the search warrant.

Two people in the home were arrested on unrelated charges during the incident.

Watch the original story

Aaron did a follow-up story Tuesday night and talked with an Ankeny Police spokeswoman who told him the department takes several factors into account when deciding how to enter a home in executing a warrant. Police say one of those is whether the occupants may be armed. Officials say they had reason to believe someone in the home had a gun.

Watch the follow-up story


  • William Denison

    Don’t really care what the APD has to say. The proof is in the pudding. Next time don’t cover up cameras or break them. This is not China or Russia. I really think some heads should roll for this raid.

    • Da Man

      Yes, it is hard to swallow the facts that there was more to the story and the people involved were part of the crimes investigated. Or the fact the video shows what really played out in that they ran from the warrant service.

  • gun owner and happy

    They have every right to protect themselves and cover up a camera if there is a possibility someone inside has a gun and can view their location.
    So many people are forgetting what kind of people were IN this house and that although legally carried, there was someone residing there with weapons. His legal right, but the police need to take the precaution.
    Good for them that they finally have theise TWO piece of crap thieves off of the street. (now we can ALL pay for their time in jail)
    My family and numerous neighbors are victims of these two and it is due time they go to jail.
    The family that took them in as a good, kind gesture to help out two people they thought were “in need” unfortunately back fired on them.
    People ranting on about hating the police need to just fend for themselves the next time they are in need, car accident, robbery, domestic abuse, etc. It’s pathetic.
    There are bad eggs in any profession unfortunately and all in all I am thankful for the DMPD, APD, etc.
    My family is victims of the criminals, Richard Adair and his loser sidekick, Miranda Scigliano. They support their drug habit with crime. We have had plenty of sleepless nights due to THEM so I hope the homeowners can rest easy soon due to this ordeal and be thankful they now know who was in their home.

      • Patti Miller

        Most young people are NOT involved in crimes! My son is a young person along with my 4 nephews and they mostly certainly are not criminals!!

    • ThanksComrade

      Thank you COMRADE for not believing in the constitution and the 4th amendment!

      You sir are a government shill and should be strung up with a noose for treason against the American people!

      • William Denison

        Its kinda odd these very people in law enforcement are sworn to uphold the constitution yet crap all over it.

  • K Vogel

    What kind of people have surveilance on their house? Unless you’re a drug dealer. Two people living in the home arrested and the consoling son with prior drug charges. Give me a break! Everyone knows what was going on in that house!

    • DinaL

      What kind of people have surveillance cameras on their house? Let’s see … people who want a visible crime deterrent outside their home, people who would want very good evidence in case they are the victims of home invasions or theft or property damage, so that the authorities can actually catch the criminals; people who would want to check that their property is secure from inside the house or from remote locations. You know … smart people.

  • JE

    Two of them are audio video technicians.

    Either way, I have surveillance cameras installed at my house. Why? Because it is my right and it is prudent. Who are you to ask why they have video cameras in their private residence?

    Generalize much? Your point is moot.

  • T Wilson

    What kind of Police Department covers their movements from a surveillance camera? If the Police Dept were well within their legal limits, filming should not be a problem, but welcomed as a way of proving that they did nothing wrong.
    It is well within anyone’s rights to hold surveillance tapes of their property. In this day and age it should be considered by many. One should not pass judgement simply because a residence opted for a surveillance system.
    If your rights are ever violated- I hope you have ways to prove it as well.

    • B S

      I agree. I have security cameras as well. I put them up after consecutive bouts of theft and vandalism occurred in my neighborhood, which included my property being damaged as well.

      I also LEGALLY own an AK-47, a 1911, and other quality firearms.

      I also am a law-abiding citizen doing nothing wrong. But what if I was cleanong my gun and all of a sudden the front door just gets kicked in? That could be a real bad outcome.

      Ankeny PD needs to pull their heads out of the stink. All of this over a stolen credit card (evidence of which never panned out).

  • Susan

    not saying this was handled well.
    But, do you suppose, for just one minute, the officers removed the camera for safety? They are coming into a home where they know there are people with violent, drug histories and a gun. Perhaps they didn’t want to be shot at as they stood on the porch on ‘candid camera’.

  • JE

    What you say is factually true…except for the part where the police knew he had a gun.

    Either way, last I checked having a gun is not a crime (in most cases).

    Does the term using a sledgehammer to swat a mosquito ring a bell?

  • Lisa May

    I think the members of APD have been reading to much Soldier of Forture latly. Wow thought I was watching footage from Iraq. What abunch of creeps

  • Jason

    “We’ll have a crew at the 1:30 p.m. news conference and bring you updates on this story.”

    Don’t get too close to them, we know what they do to cameras….

  • David Pappas Jr.

    I would say it’s amazing looking at these pig apologist boot lickers eating up this load the chief read but sadly it is commonplace. Forget your eyes believe the words of a cop! Sick.

    • arrestthemeth!

      Click on the link above regarding reading the search warrant. You will see in there evidence recovered including Meth located on poor little Justin Ross.

  • Da Man

    HAHA! Now that more facts come out, all you cop haters look like absolute tools. Next time get more details before running your mouth off.

    • William Denison

      Hey Da Man next time your walking by a cop car reach in and start messing with the camera mounted in the car and see what happens.

      • arrestthemeth!

        Why would any person reach into a Police car to mess with anything…they would’nt, unless they are dim witted and half brained like you.

  • KCCI Here I Come

    WHO needs to think about what they let their reporters report and maybe reconsider their hiring of Aaron Brilbeck. I remember back in 2010 or 2011 when he reported on SEP’s tragedies and coined the term “suicide high” saying the students he interviewed made that term up. I was there…they certainly DID NOT make that term up. Aaron Brilbeck is the type of reporter that goes out and makes everything seem like it is something much more dramatic than it actually is just to stir controversy and boost ratings. One of these days it is going to come back and bite you, Mr. Brilbeck. It should have when you referenced a school as “suicide high” and exploited the lives of innocent kids. To the producers at WHO, please keep your reporters on a leash or make better hiring decisions. This man is a disgrace and I’m tired of seeing his ridiculous reports on this station just so you get better ratings. There is always much more to a story especially like this, which is why it shouldn’t be reported on until the facts are straight. Shame on all of you.

    • arrestthemeth!

      I agree. Brilbeck dropped the ball on this one and countless others, so I understand. And this William Denison is sooooo uninformed its ridiculous. People need to stop believing everything they read in the tabloids and hear on the news.

      • William Denison

        I only believe half of what I see and nothing that I hear on any news channel. But as I said “The proof is in the puddin”. You and whoever else whats to put lip stick on these pigs go for it.

  • Sheeple

    Why rip out a camera on the outside after you’ve already entered the home? You’re already yelling who you are and that you’re at the front door. Then you clear the whole house and recheck it multiple times. Not sure what threat those cameras pose.

    So the one bad guy has a 100k warrant already on him? I’d like to know more info on their criminal records. Why wasn’t he found and jailed before all of this credit card stuff. How about a knock-n-talk from a regular cop. Maybe a stake out. Maybe some real investigative work?

    That guy on the toilet is lucky to be alive. Same goes for the big dog.

    I don’t think it was smart to try and hide from the cops but I sure as hell wouldn’t go running up stairs to open the door. Way to many itchy trigger fingers.

  • Andy Arsenault

    That little grey oinker did some incredible track covering there…. trying to say that because there were only reports of outside theft, they didnt have a right to place cameras on the inside of their house. That covering a camera for the entire search and then removing it when they were done is completely explainable because they thought there was a secret compartment behind the camera. Police these days think they are infallible. Those pigs must be sweating right now, or maybe their to stupid to realize that a decent lawyer could pick apart their flimsy story and sue the police department for millions.

  • Rusty Weeks

    Abuse of power. They had a new “toy” the SERT team, so they thought they could show it off. There was no lawful reason to do this. I am a strong supporter of Law Enforcement, but they went beyond justifiable force in this case. You hear the chief say, “In the video they ran and hid.” If someone was breaking into my house, I’d hide my family, and then attack whoever it was entering my house; be it with a ball bat, or a shotgun. It is my house and I will defend it. Hiding is not a show of guilt, it is a knee jerk reaction to a scary situation. Fight or flight. Yes, Adair was a felon. Yes, he had warrants that had nothing to do with the credit card theft. The warrant was for Meth, not murder. The chief said that they gave them time to get to the door and answer it. How can you get up, go to the door, say, “Who is it?” in less than three seconds? “We knocked on the door and nobody answered.” You think? I can’t even stand up in three seconds, let alone go to the door and answer it. At the Des Moines Register web site, they show the warrant and the property the police took. None of the items described in the warrant were seized. The only gun was registered to Justin Ross. Real threat for twelve agents in full body armor.

  • Distant Observer

    The destruction and the covering of a camera is destruction of evidence. The flimsy justification for doing so is obviously a lie. The US is now a police state where citiizens have no rights and are subjected to jackbooted thugs bursting into their homes whenever they want.

  • Anonymous

    I find it very interesting that after Justin Ross called in the story, he felt it necessary to turn himself in to the same police that raided his house, just a few days later. These people aren’t going to get one red cent from the APD now.

  • Cy the Cyclone

    I am a personal friend of all those accussed in this matter. I have heard like nine different versions of this story and the stories being told and reported to the public by the APD are not nothing more than a story of fiction going back to how the warrents for both originally came about. I myself have six different cameras covering twelve different anguls and i am not a so called drug dealer or criminal. My cameras and myself have basically been the police regarding more than one matter that DMPD and APD just did not have time for. Yet they took credit for four different solved cases when it was the cameras that did all the work. If you are really listening and following this story APD has contradicted itself several times in there news conferences. As a tax payer and a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA i am feed up and tired of these departments using there badges and authorities to bully and intimidate us the people they are supposed to be protecting. whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I know just watch the video.Once again who polices the police?

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