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MOVING SNOW: Door To Door Shovelers

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The blowing and drifting snow made clearing driveways and sidewalks a real chore this morning.  Some homeowners didn't hesitate to let others do the heavy lifting.

“Too much for me.  Too much for anybody,” says Nancy McCurdy of West Des Moines.

When there’s snow to move, Matt Aeschliman and his crew go door-to-door looking for business.

“Some people just say no, they`ll do it themselves or they have someone else do it, but  we usually get a lot of people that say yes,” says Aeschliman.

McCurdy was one of them.  So was Ryan Bishop.  He started to shovel his driveway before letting Aeschliman and his partners take over.

“For about 5 minutes I did.  Then I said I'm going to find somebody else to do this,” says Bishop.

“The wind is blowing really bad and it's drifting over and that's what makes it really bad,” says Aeschliman.

They clear driveways and sidewalks the old-fashioned way.

“Just shovels.  It's good exercise,” he says.

People are still stocking up on shovels at the True Value in West Des Moines.  The shovels with the bigger snow blades are on back order.

“This has been a good year for that because of the fluffiness of the snow cuz you can just push it on the ground and push it off to the sides and you're done,” says Todd Treese.

Local hardware stores say they are still selling a few snow blowers, but most people in the market will try to get by until next winter.  While it has been a long winter, not everyone is ready for it to end.

“I love the snow.  I love it,” says Aeschliman.