SIGNING DAY: Lazard Commits To Iowa State

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High school football players across the country are making their college commitment official and that includes Urbandale's Allen Lazard.

National signing day has mostly turned into a circus, but Lazard kept it modest at his signing ceremony Wednesday morning. The snow didn't help the turnout, but Lazard was excited to seal the deal with Iowa State University.

The nation’s 47th overall prospect, and U.S. Army All-American, never wavered from his commitment to Iowa State despite offers from Notre Dame, Stanford, and Iowa.

Allen's dad, Kevin, also played for the Cyclones and his brother Anthony, is a walk-on at ISU.


  • William Denison

    Why would our own military support a sport “U.S. Army All-American”that can cause brain damage and yet work so hard to treat those coming home with brain damage from our wars.

  • David Benjamin

    Because football helps develop leadership skills and character development-two things our military attempts to do as well. There are risks involved with everything and those of us who have played and those who choose to play now understand this. Let me guess, you believe our leaders should now choose for us what games we play because they know best and should protect us from making a poor decision of playing football?

    Attempting to make a connection between football and brain injuries sustained in the field of battle is inappropriate in my opinion. Not sure what your motive is but completely disagree with your complaint about the US military supporting a great game.

    • William Denison

      Inappropriate only if your not a vet who has suffered a brain injury A brain injury is a brain injury is a brain injury no matter how it happens. Mine happened in a micro second and I had no way to prevent it.What I lost I will never get back. Playing football and receiving hit after hit to the brain for fun and money is something I can’t wrap my brain around.And for the members of our armed forces to be put at further risk of injury for sport is kinda lame.Leadership skills are tought in boot camp Dave.

    • William Denison

      One more thing Dave, When the quarterback say for Army gets his bell rung so hard or so often in a season he will need rehab maybe for a life time. Guess who gets to foot the bill? You do.

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