VICIOUS DOG: Family Appeals WDM Decision

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The owners of a West Des Moines pit bull set to be euthanized are appealing that decision.

The dog, Killer, is accused of biting at least three people in nine months and was given a death sentence last week by the West Des Moines City Council.

Killer’s owners filed their appeal on Monday.

Their case will be represented in district court by attorneys from The Lexus Project, a pro-bono legal organization in New York City that has made a name for itself by successfully defending so-called vicious dogs.


  • RoccoG

    What is it with low life’s and their fetish for wanting to have these dangerous dog breeds around?
    Of course you constantly hear them whine…” It’s the owners…not the breed!!”
    Yeah right.
    These dumb dog breeds are time bombs waiting to go off plain and simple.
    Grind them up and sell them as fish food.

  • Rediculous

    You automatically assume someone is a low life because they have a pitbull? You must be a lowlife yourself for being such a judgemental person. Let me guess you’re a god fearing religeous person too….

    Thou shall not KILL… this poor animal maybe had a reason to bite. Was he/she provoked, maybe he or she should not be around kids, or needs some training (puppies can bite, their ANIMALS)

    Folks need to learn to be less judgemental and learn to fix problems without condeming and killing. FIX the problem don’t just obliterate it’s source. That kind of thought is what leads to things like nuclear war.

    • RoccoG

      Nice try.
      God’s got nothing to do with this….lol.
      I’m very judgmental and more often than not quite accurate in my assessment of situations like this.

      White and brown trash……and ghe-tto types love these dog breeds.
      Some kind of tough-guy status symbol to go along with their $1900 rims on their 1992 Buicks.

  • Sad Situation

    it sounds like this dog was raised very poorly. THAT might be why people don’t think very highly of the owners. AFTER the dog had bitten, AFTER they had another dog stolen from their yard, AFTER ‘Killer’ was taunted, they continued to leave the poor thing in the yard alone. OF COURSE it is wrong that people were taunting the poor dog. BUT, if you know there are problems like that, you, as a RESPONSIBLE pet owner, need to do what you can to limit the problems.

    The dog should not have been outside without one of the family members out there with him. Then, when the neighbor kids came by and taunted the dog, they could have talked to the people to find out why they did it. Or, filmed them and gone to the police with a complaint.

    Unfortunately, sometimes, not all dogs can be rehabilitated once they have started to bite. If you read the accounts from the neighbor woman, who is trying to save this dog, she says that TWICE the dog broke out of the house to bite someone. It sounds like ‘Killer’, maybe because of his upbringing, may have some aggression issues.

    It also isn’t very responsible that these people didn’t bother to have Killer neutered. Unless they were planning to use him as a breed dog, why would you not get that done? it is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. The dogs are generally less aggressive once fixed. And, it helps prevent unwanted puppies. This dog had already proven he could jump the fence. That is how he got out and attacked the first time, right over the fence. So, if there is a female in heat nearby, there is a good chance he will go over the fence again in order to breed. Now you have a littler of pups that probably no one was counting on, and probably no one really wants.

    So, yeah, from having followed all the stories, and the blogs, about this situation, I would say that these people should not be allowed to own dogs, of any kind. It certainly seems like they had Killer because they wanted to be able to say they owned a pitbull, not because they cared about him. And a lot of the blogs are from the neighbor (or at least someone claiming to be the neighbor) who says that she wants to see Killer saved. What she doesn’t realize, a lot of what she is saying supports the fact that this dog may not be able to be rehabilitated, and she is also saying things that make this family seem less like animal lovers and more like people who just want to own a dog because they can.

  • Ashley

    That doesn’t even look like a pit bull. People are so ignorant. It’s almost always how the dog is raised. These owners are just as pathetic as the people assuming it MUST be an APBT since Pits are ALL vicious. Pathetic. I know sweet tempered Pits & some really EVIL Rat Terriers!!! Can’t blame the Breed for many ignorant owners who made a powerful dog into a hated breed. This WDM dog needs to be put down, period. The owners shouldn’t be allowed to have such a powerful animal, since they clearly couldn’t (wouldn’t) control their animal. This dog appears to be an American Bulldog mix. I LOVE dogs… but I can’t stand people who take advantage of these breeds & those who discriminate & label a breed because of their pathetic owners!!

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