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VICIOUS DOG: NY Attorney To Represent Pit Bull

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The attorney for a West Des Moines pit bull says he intends to save it from being euthanized.

For the last few weeks we've been bringing you the case of Killer. The dog is accused of biting three people in the last nine months.

Last week the West Des Moines city council voted to have killer put down. But a New York-based attorney is coming to Killer's defense.

Richard Rosenthal is co-founder of the Lexus Project. The group comes to the defense of dogs across the country that are facing a death penalty.

Rosenthal tells us he is working for the dog not its owners.

"There’s no question the owners were negligent in this case. This is a situation where dogs shouldn’t pay for the owner's negligence,” Rosenthal told Channel 13.

Rosenthal says there is a gray area in the law when it comes to the constitutional rights of animals.

He says he will use the same defense that has saved the lives of 103 of the 105 dogs he has defended.

He wants Killer to be sent to a rescue group far away from his owners.


  • Steve Johnson

    How does this story make the top story on the news with a long segment on it; meanwhile, a man kills his parents and it’s barely covered and is obviously not as important to news stations. Seriously, they are mere animals and they are nowhere near as important as precious human lives. Why do news stations feel the necessity to promote animal life over human life so regularly?

    • pitbullmom

      Humans are nothing special. We are animals too. Dogs are more precious than many humans ever will be. I hope this precious pittie is saved and placed with more responsible people.

      • Monstersmomxoxo

        Humans have a choice. They can choose to act appropriately or not. They ccan choose the company they keep, or they can choose to remove themselves from a situation. Dogs, however, cannot. For one, the do not have hands and thumbs to open a door and leave. Dogs are stuck with stupid, negligent, abusive, ignorant……whatever human decides they want a dog. Dogs are pack animals and they, for the most part, reflect their owners attitudes and behaviors. Aggressive begets aggression, hyper begets hyper, and so on. Dogs do not have the ability to use words, say stop, or open the door and leave. A dogs way of communicating fear, confusion, saying leave me alone, as well as protecting their humans is to bite. It does not make them bad and they certainly do not deserve to die. What they deserve is someone who understands them and recognizes their triggers and has the sense and intelligence to take minimal measures to prevent the situation. There are children who are non-verbal due to intellectual disabilities who bite, punch, scream, kick, etc. and we don’t put them to sleep. We are expected to provide the least restrictive environment for them and people are trained and educated on how to deal with them. The same should be done for animals. That dog was only following his instinct and he was never taught otherwise nor was he protected and given a safe environment. The owners are at fault, not him. He bit 3 times, not every day and whoever he bit was probably a jack ass anyway.

    • Marianne Olson

      Well because in the world I live in we give important topics their fair share of the limelight and if I even cared what you thought we would still be in the dark ages…don’t compare fine wine to old aged whiskey they aren’t even on the same playing field each has it worship er’s as do animal lovers vs what did you say your topic was forgot already.”

      • James Ireland

        People are more stupid than dogs!Pups do what they are supposed to do, people don’t. If they did, there would be a lot different situation on a lot of topics! Humans failed along time ago, its this that we take it out on animals. The black community that is not worthy or working forward to better themselves, used animals to win themselves worth. Failure!!!!
        Martin Lurther King would be proud of what his efforts have brought forth. Animal fighting is a cop out for those whom have given up themselves. Cowards that themselves aren’t worthy of our tax dollars support jailing!

        stop it!, Get a Job and be proud, you aren’t doing yourself any justice by being less than a person whom wants more, and not at the exspense of an animal! Maybe those whom hate would quit treating you as those same animals?!

    • Anon

      merely animals? nowhere near as important? do yourself the dogs a favor and please dont ever get one, or any other animal for that matter. people with your mentality are the reason why so much animal abuse exists and its disgusting. you are the person whos mindset animal activists work so tirelessly to change and counterbalance. how egotistical of you to view every other living being as inferior to you. contrary to popular belief animals were not put here to serve you, they are here for their own purpose. im genuinely sorry you feel the way you do. maybe youve never had the opportunity to befriend a dog who so selflessly loves. and to all of you saying the dog should be put down, more often than not the owners negligence in socialization and training will yield such a result. learn to blame people for once, instead of moving it onto an animal that cant verbally defend itself. at worst, he should be taken in by a rescue group.

    • Rob

      Really? Really Steve? The earth could get by just fine without humans to destroy it, but the earth would die and so would we without animals you moronic fool. Most humans are less than animals because they have so much potential but never use it. Instead they are a blight on the earth. Go eat some more kfc, drink some more beer, the sooner you do yourself in the better.

  • Mike Cee

    I wonder how the New York lawyer would feel if it was his child or grandchild that was mauled and/or killed by one of these dogs.

  • sharon lacy

    I am an advocate for animals and especially the bully breed I do believe this boy named Palomo not Killer that is a misleading name he was labeled deserves to live! He deserves representation as with any living soul!
    After all he is a creature of God just as man is! He has a heart and feeling! He has a soul and breathes air just like you humans that call him just a dog! After all dog is God spelled backwards! I love him!

  • sharon lacy

    Also I want to Thank this Lawyer for representing Palomo. I know you will do all you possible can to save his life! Lexus is an awesome group of lawyers that fight for justice for the Voiceless! Again Thank You!

  • Marianne Olson

    The definition for vicious and dangerous is just too loosely used to destroy and condemn any dog…the true meaning means a danger to the public and unable to rehabilitate. In other wards a dog would bite randomly for no specific reason….and….I have yet to meet such a dog! Save this dog so us dog owners can regain our trust that any dog could ever be safe….then get rid of these laws that some ignoranmous wrote obviously without one slight knowledgable dog bone in his body.

  • xiahko

    This looks like a Dogo, not a “Pit Bull” If it’s bitten 3 people. it needs to be put down. The breed has enough bad apples ruining it.

    • Sandra

      Wow you showed some common sense statement unlike some others on here who are sorely lacking of it.Thank you

  • Monstersmomxoxo

    I agree, Steve should never own a dog. You clearly lack the intelligence and compassion to deserve a dogs love. Stick to raising the morons that I am sure you are inflicting on our society. Trust me sir, I would much prefer that beautiful animals company than the company of you or the double digit IQ children that you probably have.

  • Sandra

    I think the name of the dog speaks for itself,owners were spot on with that one.I would never dream of keeping a dog that had bitten one person that was unprovoked.This dog has bitten on 3 separate occasions!

    • Charlie Cifarelli

      Sandra – can you apply and work at the Iowa dept of corrections and stop them from turning loose violent convicts who leave before their sentences are complete. Please’ we need a stern approach with the real Killers out there. This media dog hype is out of control the real dangers in this life are the GMO foods we are feeding our families.

  • Luanne Jones

    Thank you for helping this little guy. He is most likely a victim in this mess and should be rescued from his obvious human idiots.

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