THE INSIDERS: Scott Brennan And Danny Carroll

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Danny Carroll is a lobbyist for the Family Leader and is the new co-chair of the Republican Party of Iowa.  Carroll said he supports the governor's bid for reelection as well as Kim Reynolds being the Lieutenant Governor for a second term.

Scott Brennan is a Des Moines attorney and the Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party.  He said he believes Governor Branstad can be beat and that one of the candidates running for the spot has what it takes to beat him in an election.  Brennan said Branstad is getting too conservative for Iowa and it is time for a change.

Watch part two of the Insiders here.

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  • William Denison

    Mr. Brennan commits are that of a kettle calling a pot black. Iowas Democratic Party is becoming to conservative for many Iowans. If Danny Caroll is co chair for the states GOP ya have to wonder how bad is the GOP hurting in this state. Hes what one would get if ya mixed Steve King with Kim Reynolds. Scary.

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