PUSHING BACK: How Obamacare Helped Them

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Broken promises, website glitches, sign up problems, premium hikes and policy cancellations have plagued the beginning of President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as the A.C.A. or Obamacare.

Tuesday at the Iowa Statehouse, supporters fought back against complaints the new health care law isn't working.

They say it is.

Lisa Vetter, of Red Oak, said it allowed her peace of mind knowing that she has coverage as she continues her fight against breast cancer. Vetter said, "I do believe in humanity and just doing what's right." She added, "So it may surprise you to know I'm a registered Republican."

For Vetter, speaking up for the A.C.A. wasn't political, it's personal. It was for Jennifer Herrington, too.

Herrington, of Clarinda, said the program can actually help all five generations of her family: her grandmother, mother, herself, daughters and grandchildren.

Herrington said she has pre-existing health conditions that made finding affordable coverage as a single mother of three nearly impossible.

She now has coverage through her new husband. But she said as a social worker, she sees the benefits coverage means for people who have never had it. "Get covered. There's help out there," she said, "The system is working. The Health Care Act is working."

Organizing For Action sponsored the event. OFA organized volunteers to help re-elect Obama. Now the group works to push his policies.


  • Yanker

    Everyone knew there would be those that the act helped, but what about the millions who have been hurt by the act? The number of uninsured has not changed and the expectations on our citizens has again been lowered. In the end I hope the deception and lies are worth it for all Americans but for a law that could not wait to be read the delay in implementation is puzzling.

  • otis

    wonder who’s paying for that? forcing insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions is like calling your insurance company for fire coverage as your house is burming down…tell me the difference?

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