AUTHOR’S WARNING: Assisted Suicide For Kids

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Pro-life supporters rallied at the Iowa Statehouse to push for protections on several different levels, Monday.

An author who’s known for his work against assisted suicide offered a warning for lawmakers to avoid what's happening in some European countries where ill children can ask for euthanasia.

Wesley J. Smith travels the world telling people the dangers of the acceptance of assisted suicide. Monday afternoon, he brought his warnings to Iowa. "Before the crisis, before the legislation is being pushed," Smith told the crowd.

Smith talked about Belgium where lawmakers recently legalized euthanasia for terminally ill children.

Smith said it's important for lawmakers and Iowans, as a whole, to understand the issue. He said, "So that you can begin to think about what kind of society do we want Iowa to be, what kind of compassion do we want Iowans to express to each other?"

Currently, we don't know of any bills likely to pass both legislative chambers that would alter assisted suicide laws.


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