MINIMUM WAGE: Bill Approved By Senate Committee

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A bill that would increase the minimum wage is still alive at the Iowa Statehouse this session.

The bill would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over the next two years. It passed a Senate committee Wednesday along a 7-4 party line vote.

There’s no word on if or when the bill might come up for debate in the Senate.

The bill would also face an uncertain reception in the Republican-controlled House.


  • William Denison

    Want a rise for yourself and or a family member? VOTE OUT Republincans!Ya ever notice that republincans got to keep people down in any way they can?

  • D.

    This country is based on capitalism, there are plenty of good jobs hiring. if your not williing to get yourself out of a min. wage job and strive for better do you think you really just deserve to be handed more? This will only inevitably raise prices on everything and companys paying min. wage will hire less people. Really think about what your saying, were leading closer and closer to socialism every day. (everyone should be given the same, no more and no chance for a better life just stuck in mediocracy) Look at the above poster, if you are displeased with your wage strive for better, thats what this system is about not handing more to those who want a handout and making it harder on the people who have actually worked hard to get to where they are. I used to be addict to shooting up multiple drugs working min. wage and got myself out and worked hard for a better pay. Lets stop playing the blame game and start trying to actually do something with our lives. Republicans are not your problem, you are. Lets just vote all of them out and have the government ran by one set of ideals, leading to them doing whatever they want, maybe obama can pass a law so that he can be president forever lets just do that right? I cant believe anybody would want ultimate power to lie within one group. We must have our differences to come to intelligent conclusions or one group will just think they know whats right for everybody, thus the point of the debate that will come.

    • William Denison

      I would love it if Obama was president forever. The world would be a better place . FYI I’m a Indenpendent. I know whos not going to be the next prez. Chris Christie

  • Coffee Pot

    I say give those democrats what they want. Maybe it will boost them off of food stamps etc. Maybe they can pay part of their own health care now. The 10 buck an hour guys will want 15 the 15 dollar an hour boys will want 20, 20 will want 30. Nothing will go up, ask a democrat. This money falls from trees. They forgot it will cure global warming. Fire every other one, and demand double work from the one left.

  • Coffee Pot

    One thing about being a democrat, all you have to do is propose something that will not pass, and your voters will line up.
    Elect me governor and I promise no person making minimum wage will ever have to work again. We’ll pay him to sit at home. Not only will I legalize pot, but I’ll make it free. No taxes on pot. I’ll double your food stamps. I’ll make the doctors visits not only free but house calls too.
    Time to end those rich people and the republicans saying no.
    What does it take to get thru to people, that just because they say it, doesn’t mean they mean it. They know most of their babble won’t pass but it looks good to the uneducated.

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