JUVENILE HOME: Senate Approves Bill For New Facility

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A bill that could create a new state juvenile home is moving forward at the statehouse.

A Senate committee approved the bill that could create a new facility to replace the now closed Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo.

Governor Branstad closed down the juvenile home earlier in the year after large cases of neglect on the caregivers part failed to improve.  Branstad’s closing of the home has been challenged.

Governor Branstad has said earlier that he would rather find new ways for existing facilities to take care of troubled teens instead of opening up a new home.


  • William Denison

    I have a great idea. Lets award the very people who abused our children with a brand new building and even let those abusers keep working there. Only in Iowa.

  • bob

    this makes the second time the state has built a new facility in response to a minor procedural issue

    in 2005, they chose to ‘save money’ by not staffing guard towers, and what do you think happened? convicts escaped near the unstaffed guard towers. solution? build a whole new prison, staffing the guard towers would have been too simple

    now, we have kids who are put in isolation at toledo, and that was a problem. the obvious solution, would be, to NOT put the kids in isolation, but noooooooooo, that would be too simple! this can only be fixed by building a WHOLE NEW FACILITY!!!!

    2 examples where a problem that existed nowhere but in the mind of a decision maker, is ‘corrected’ by building a hugely expensive new facility, rather than correcting the management decision, like they would do at any of the places the little people who pay the taxes work

    talk about living in a different world

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