Flood Warning

SNOWY MESS: Downtown Driving Conditions

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Schools, businesses, libraries and even doctors’ offices called it quits a little early on Thursday.

Most closed early to help reduce traffic downtown as the snow and freezing rain started to get worse.

“It’s been driving me nuts, wondering what it’s going to do.  It hasn’t stopped; I don’t know what they’re going to do with it.  I hope it doesn’t get too crazy because I have to come back tomorrow and do the same thing,” said Richard Miller, maintenance worker.

Miller does maintenance for some of the buildings downtown and has been outside all afternoon on Thursday to shovel the slushy mess.

Several downtown companies had employees outside, working to keep the sidewalks and walkways clear.  Many employees were able to take off early in hopes of beating the rush on the roads.

Lori Churchill lives in Maxwell and said he has a long commute to get home.  She said she decided to leave work a little early before the weather gets any worse.

“I catch the DART bus here at Wellmark to Ankeny, then I have another 20 minutes to go to get home.  I want to beat the weather before it really gets bad,” Churchill said.

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