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ADOPTING ABROAD: Rule Changes Hurting International Adoptions

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A Des Moines adoption attorney said changes to the rules on international adoptions have discouraged some Americans from adopting abroad.

The Hague Adoption Convention tried to streamline the process by helping families get better access to birth records and upfront fees associated with adoptions.

It was supposed to help prevent child trafficking but attorney Shayla McCormally says it’s played a part in international adoption rates dropping.

“It`s supposed to protect the child also the adopting family. And it does. But at the same time there are more orphans internationally than ever. There are more families who want to adopt more than ever and you just can`t make the connection,” McCormally said.

The U.S. became full members of the convention in 2008. The next year, international adoptions dropped by nearly 5,000.

The Hinze family in Runnells works around those difficulties. Instead of adopting babies….they opted for older kids and those with siblings who can be more difficult to adopt out to families. And they’re thankful they did and feel lucky. In the past decade International adoption has gone from nearly 23,000 in the U.S. to less than 9,000.


  • Withheld

    When all American kids, including footholds from subsequently deported parents, are adopted, then I’ll worry about international adoptions. I kno, I know, it’s worse in russian orphanagesthan american foster care, but really, why wouldn’t you looklocally first?

  • AdoptionTRUTH

    What this article doesn’t discuss is the OTHER reasons International Adoptions have shrunk 66%. 1) The large number of sending countries had fraudulent means of procuring babies/children. Many of the children had parents and paperwork was being doctored up so they would appear “abandoned” “relinquished” etc., – Countries like Vietnam, Guatemala, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Haiti, Colombia, and yes Russia are rife with Human Trafficking. 2) Most Americans have a hard time in this economic climate coughing up $45,000 for the uncertainities of International Adoption. 3) Domestic Adoptions have increased, http://www.adoptuskids.org 4) Majority of children available for international adoption are special needs (some very severe and uncorrectable, basically America is used as a dumping ground for all these children and the sending country still can command big money. 5) 38% of International Adoption Agencies aka ASP (Adoption Service Providers) have gone out of business, been indicted for child trafficking or have failed to become Hague Accrediated. International Adoptions is currently marketing to the Evangelical Populations which have their own “Orphan Ministries” and fund raisers. Where they repeat the mantra from the bible of “Taking care of widows and orphans” most of these people are clueless how to raise a special need child or down syndrome kid. They don’t think about the day when they grow old, retire or pass away who or whom will be strapped with taking care of these children. They have made no provisions merely doing it as a show to each other who can collect he most children and collect disability payments from an already strapped system.
    These Hague regulations are tough for a reasons, yet despite this “red tape” we still have internationally adopted children ending up dead. (one just last week in Maryland- adopted from Korea) tossed into the local foster care system, re homed or re adopted, or worse yet, put on an airplane back to their host country.
    Here is a novel idea for these Evangelical Orphan Ministries, how about putting in clinics, schools in those countries and help build their economy or possible help American children in fostercare or the 4 million that are homeless, living in shelters because their parents were evicted and jobless. If you want to find a child or family in need you have no further to look than 20 miles past your house.

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