STATE BOWLING: Waukee Sophomore Wins With 250 Average

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At some point, most of us bowl and when we do we're often humbled. Bowling a one hundred becomes the first goal. At state bowling, the kids roll much higher.

It was a packed house at Plaza Lanes on Tuesday.

Waukee sophomore Jonah Starmer failed to qualify for state last year. But Tuesday, Starmer won the entire thing bowling a 268 and a 232 for a total of 500, and a 250 average.

Adam Morse of West Des Moines Valley finished third.


  • Terry

    Why didn’t you feature any girl bowlers? There were many good female bowlers at the tournament and not ONE of them was even mentioned and the top female team was barely mentioned. Just for the record, Kelly Michaela, Bettendorf finished with a 480 (223 & 257).

    I don’t know if Kelly was filmed while bowling, though I am aware of a good female bowler, Hannah Duver, (Des Moines Lincoln team) that was filmed while bowling on lane 26. She was filmed immediately after the male bowler was filmed on lane 27.

    Thank you for giving the 2014 State Bowling Tournament some coverage, though WHY didn’t you give the girls as much time as the boys?

  • Adam Morse

    I was the bowler on 27 and yes I agree with you, but you might consider how much air time they are allowed. It would have been nice for the metro teams to get more recognition, but at least we got recognized since we typically don’t because we are a minor sport.

  • Terry

    I agree and understand on the amount of time allowed, though no matter where the top boys bowler and top girls bowler are from, they both should receive the same amount of recognition. Congrats on your great scores, as well.

    And to all of the other top scores, boys & girls alike.

  • Adam Morse

    Well since this isn’t Facebook and I can’t like your comment, so I will just agree with you. And thanks for the congratulations. It was a hard year for me, I finished 9th as a Freshman, 6th as a Junior, and 3rd as a Senior. I work with Jonah so it will be a stressful memory of mine knowing I needed the first 2 strikes in the 10th of game 2 to win the title. Scores were much lower this year then last year which surprised me. Jonah is a hit and miss bowler, some days he will be on his game, other days he will be far from it, and today must have been one of his lucky/good days.

  • Adam

    The reason why I said Jonas had a lucky/good day is because bowling is a game of luck and skill. We can hit the pocket all day long and not strike. It’s the luck that we can carry the 10 pin and such. He bowled well and I’m glad he did. Part of my comments yesterday were in frustration because of the recent format change. 2 years ago it used to be after the top 10 are determined from their 2 games, they bowled a third game to determine the title. And I was frustrated because I have been so close these past 2 years and because of the format change I can’t try to win the first bowling title for my school.

  • Rebecca

    I’m beyond happy with how every single bowler bowled this year, especially Waukee. They broke all school records this year, 4 of their members made All Conference, and being able to move on to state was very exciting! I really wish the news stations would be there at meets to tape the bowlers. Regardless if it’s a minor sport. Those kids are representing their schools no matter what sport they’re playing and should be recognized for their amazing abilities & performances!

    • Adam

      Yes I agree with you Rebecca, they did have a good season and correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they had their best season ever overall. The house they practice at is challenging and that is most likely what made them the team they are. People assume that a team is terrible based off of their meet average, but in my opinion, you could have the lowest average in the state and come out and dominate at districts and state. That is the only time that matters and they bowled out of their minds those 2 days and it showed. Waukee is a young team and people should expect to see them next year.

      • Rebecca

        You’re correct Adam. They had an amazing season this year and hope they will only continue to get better as time goes on. I hope for the younger kids out there to look up to these boys/girls & help them achieve being the best they can be. Just seeing how everyone has improved in the past 2 years with the new coach, it’s truly amazing! Everyone deserves a pat on the back for their accomplishments!

  • Terry

    My mistake on congratulating just the top bowlers, ALL of the bowlers deserve to be recognized. They have ALL worked hard to get to State.

    So congrats to ALL the 1A & 2A state bowlers!!!

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