ONE YEAR: Fundraiser Held For Wasike Family

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It was a senseless crime - a man beaten so severely he almost died.

The attack happened exactly one year ago when Mike Wasike was pulled from his car and beaten nearly to death and for no apparent reason.

Wasike struggles physically.  His family is struggling financially so people are coming up with new ways to help.

This was going to be a difficult night. Joanne Namacheno was glad not to be alone.

“I think it`s wonderful. It`s very amazing,” Wasike’s wife Joanne said. “I didn`t even know that this would come up some day. I mean I was approached by a friend of this federation saying the federation wanted to help.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines was the host, but there were speeches and prayers from other faces and faiths. And there was time for Joanne to give an update of her husband`s slow progress.

“He has facial expressions. When you say something funny he smiles, so he is getting a little better. He is unable to eat; he is still on a feeding tube.”

Donations to the Wasike family have already topped $60,000, but this was a chance for more.  Every penny is appreciated and put to use.

“For one thing I have babysitting issues, so it`s been paying the babysitters. We`ve been traveling to Oklahoma at least twice a month to check on Mike, my rent, it has helped with everything.”

Wasike was holding two jobs when he was attacked and his family has lost his income, but not its hope that the next year will be kinder to them.

Wasike remains under constant care at a facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His alleged attackers are all teens being tried as adults. They’ve been charged with first-degree robbery and will go on trial next month.


  • Dave Whitney

    Such a rare and brutal attack. Still (!) one year later not ONE 1%er or group of DSM area 1%ers have stepped up as ambassadors of DSM/Iowa to pay this man’s bills. (Lots of money for river art and mausoleums.) He and his family came to this great country to improve their lives and a couple of thugs that WE allowed to prosper in our society basically took his life. Since they are under 18 and their little minds are not fully formed (/s) they will most likely get minimal punishment and will later have repeat offenses.
    Who has stepped up? The 47/99%ers…again!

    • RoccoG

      Who is WE?
      I didn’t allow feral black punks to roam wild in the streets of Des Moines?
      You know who did though? Their loser worthless thug moms who spawned them instead of aborting them when they had the chance.
      Stop whining about the 1% and get to the real issue: Feral black yoofs that are out of control in every city in the country.

      • Dave Whitney

        I wonder if your vile hatred to the parents transfers to the parents of the teens responsible for four of the most hienous murders the past few years. Two convience store clerks shot point blank/killing of grandparents. Both by white teens.

  • Jen

    None of them have dads…maybe that’s part of the problem. The men go around impregnanting women & then go off to prision. The women keep breeding & living off the goverment. It’s an endless cycle. These thugs will do the same.

  • RoccoG

    We need to replace our home grown feral blacks with hard working REAL African immigrants like this family.
    Sad they had to come all the way here only to have their lives ruined by the local trash.
    When does it stop?

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