AGRIBUSINESS: OSHA Drops Fines On Small Farm

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The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) decided to drop its case against a small Nebraska farm.

The farm was facing $132,000 in fines.

Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns, led a Senate charge against what he called an overreach on OSHA's part. He says the agency had no business regulating the family farm to begin with.

According to Johanns the law clearly exempts small farms with less than 10 employees from OSHA regulations. Johanns made that certain when he inserted the language into the omnibus appropriations package earlier this year, clarifying the law.

Much of the issue stems from a 2011 OSHA memo asserting that common post-harvest activities, such as drying grain, make small farms nonexempt from regulation normally reserved for larger grain storage operations.

The agency has since pledged to issue clearer guidance on regulation and small farms.


  • Troy Hendrickson

    Ever notice how easily corporate agriculture uses small family farms as pawns and puppets, the families just sit their with a smile on their face as if truly believing they’ll be OK if they just keep smiling…

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