FAMILIES FIGHT: Medical Marijuana ‘Could Save Son’

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Medical marijuana is legal in 20-states, and the majority of Iowans think our state should join them.

The Des Moines Register's Iowa poll found 59 percent of Iowans support legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Just 37 percent were against the idea.

If you polled Iowa Lawmakers it’s unlikely you’ll get the same result.

A medical marijuana bill stalled at the Statehouse and it has some Iowans considering a move

Eleven-year-old William Sales started having seizures when he was 20-months-old.  He's also diagnosed with autism, ADD, and a chromosome abnormality.

“That throws you into a tailspin because you can`t sleep at night because you`re constantly worrying did I hear something, do I need to go and get him,” says William’s mom, Karen Sales.

Sales says they've tried everything but the current cocktail of medications he's on still aren't stopping the seizures.

With the help of a specialist in Boston, William was accepted into a program allowing the compassionate use of medical marijuana.

The only thing preventing him from taking part is his address.

“The only way we could use it was if we were to pick the medicine up from his office every couple of weeks and going from Iowa to Boston to pick up that medicine is just not possible,” says Sales.

Sales hoped lawmakers would make it possible by legalizing medical marijuana, but the bill was shelved the same day it was introduced.

“The simple truth is no Republican lawmaker was willing to sign onto legislation that would give even one Iowan access to medicines available in 20 other states,” says Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom who backed the legislation.

Sales says if Iowa isn't going to legalize the medicine her son needs, she may move to a state that has.

“It does become a thought of well do we end up leaving her.  Leaving Iowa and moving somewhere where we can get this medicine for our child,” says Sales.

Leaving Iowa means, leaving her job, family, and her support system, all to gain access to what is already legal 20 other states.

“We`re not asking for recreational use, we`re just asking for our doctors to have the option of using this as a means of medication to possibly help save my son`s life,” says Sales.

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy can vote to re-classify marijuana as a schedule II drug which would allow medical use.

The board meets on Wednesday and the parents of several children who could benefit from the drug plan to speak.


  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    it’s God’s medicine….

    Doctors call for more study of pot for seizures March 03, 2014 21:37 GMT By The Associated Press A medical group of epilepsy experts is calling on the federal government to reconsider classifying marijuana as a dangerous drug so its impact on seizures can be studied. The American Epilepsy Society issued its statement on Monday. It notes that there have been several reported cases of pot treating seizures but not enough scientific study has been performed to show whether the drug works and is safe. That research is hard to perform while marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 substance by the federal government. The statement also backs off a previous warning that patients not use marijuana. Now the society advises careful consultation with epilepsy specialists in all treatment……

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    the best thing I did for my health was moving to Colorado. No more sleepless nights ….Here in Colorado the police and law protect my rights as a state registered medical marijuana patient….cannabis prohibition is coming to and end one state at a time….whether it be Benton Benton Mackenzie , Maria Smallow ,George McMahon of Livermore IA who had been getting a can of 300 joints a year from the Government…myself and all the patients who came forward in 2009…now being proven to be very beneficial for autism and epileptic seizures for these young children…still nothing but medical terrorism from Clel Baudler and Lukan…politicians and police are not Doctors…I moved DMR ,maybe you should send a reporter here and do a story…I know 10+ Iowans alone who have moved here to CO Springs over last 5 years…I got here in June 2013…

  • Bill Thyberg

    Glad your segment called out the legislature on “medical marijuana”, but you did your own story a disservice by showing film of “recreational marijuana buds” confusing the two totally different products…..

  • William Denison

    When your state lawmakers are hillbillies and greed mongers theres just not alot people can do for their family members or themselfs in the state of Iowa to try ease the pain or save a life. The biggest proplem I have is that the streets are flooded with weed but the Cult Right seem to think they have the war on pot still under control. I’ve studied cannabis for the last thirty years and the only things that have changed about it is that its alot better then it was back in the day and theres alot more to chose from.Vote out Republincans and save the sick!!!!

    • William Denison

      I nkow one young man who drives to Denver twice a month to buy cannabis for his mother who is getting treatment for breast cancer here in Iowa. Its the only thing that helps his mother eat. This young man wants to be in law enforcement someday and would make a great cop.

  • Bobby Hanson

    It’s ridiculous that our state legislators are more proactive about legalizing fireworks than providing medication for Iowa citizens. They are a joke and Brandsted is the biggest joke of all.

    • Captain Art Wilson

      You’re exactly right Bobby. It goes along with saying that the majority of Legislators are afraid to put a yes stamp on it in fear of their political career. In todays environment show me a Legislator who is concerned about his constituents more than he is with his Political career. You would be hard pressed to find one.

  • Kris

    My grandson also suffers from a seizure disorder. My daughter may be forced to become another marijuana refugee if Iowa can’t get it together.

  • caliboss

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    “any doctor against marijuana is a doctor of death” – cali secret 420

    from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades, time to tie marijuana to the 2014, and 2016 elections, out with the old, in with the new

    20 years behind us southern states, sad and scary….nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody…the top ten incarcerators on the planet are southern states…even if marijuana reforms did pass the republiCANTS in charge would deny you all your freedoms, centuries of practice…no matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards brethren from day one, half the country already but not one southern state, lol…

    Average spent per inmate a year = $31,286 (profit and police over people)
    Average spent per student a year = $10,605 (dumber and more in debt, each one of us is liable for around $40,000 of rising American debt)

    love and freedom forever


  • Faith

    This is ridiculous! In a 7 yr study 7000 died from FDA approved drugs, 0 from marijuana! The pesticides they put on the fields are more deadly than this plant. It’s time to get rid of these lawmakers, they don’t listen to us! And yet we keep buying their summer homes and boats. Bye bye Iowa, four spine surgeries… I m moving where I can take medicine that won’t kill me!!!

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