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AGRIBUSINESS: Crimean Port Important To Russian Ag Exports

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The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a problem internationally and in agriculture.

Ukraine produces half as much corn as Iowa, making them the number two exporter in the world. But while a lot of commodities travel through the Odessa area and Romanian ports, Russia sends a lot of its goods to Crimea at the port of Sevastopol.

Dave Miller with the Iowa Farm Bureau visited Russia before the conflict, he says when it comes to agriculture exports, Russia is limited at cold water ports.

"The Black Sea is important to Russia, more so in the winter time than it is in the summer time in the summer time."

Miller says land transportation of goods is also important to the world economy. Energy goes from Russia through Ukraine into Europe and those ties are needed by local agriculture.

Miller says, "Ukraine also gets a lot of its fertilizer out of Russia and therefore, even the ag sector is very tied into the whole energy situation and relationships with Russia."