SENATE FIGHT: Lawmakers Almost Come To Blows

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Things heated up at the Iowa Statehouse as two lawmakers nearly came to blows on the senate floor.

Ottumwa Republican Mark Chelgren had a question for Burlington Democrat Tom Courtney. So, he asked him to stand up for a question.

The Senate's cameras were rolling.

Both have been getting a lot of calls about Senate File 2320, a bill to clarify payments for caregivers through Medicaid.

Chelgren accused Courtney of talking too political when answering those phone calls.

“When you put your own political interests above the interests of the country or the citizens of the state, it's wrong," Sen. Chelgren said.

Those words lit Courtney’s fuse.

Courtesy Des Moines Register

Courtesy Des Moines Register

The senate cameras didn’t follow the senators to the bench where a senator who's also a Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy is presiding.

Courtney screamed out “you son of a gun.” They both called each other liars.

The senate's top Democrat yelled for them to cool it and had his arms on Courtney to settle down.

It was tense. Spectators said they thought fists would fly.

When the senate cameras came back on, leaders decide it was time for timeout.

Both senators later apologized to colleagues for losing their cool.


    • Scott

      Really Steve? You’re putting your money on the guy from the party of “everyone deserves a trophy”, “We’re too afraid of guns to learn to use them responsibly and would rather just outlaw them”, and “Capital punishment is too harsh even for child murder/rapists”? I’ll take that bet. The only muscle the Democrats have ever had is in their Union paid thugs.

  • William Denison

    I’d bet on the dem. Rebuplincans can’t fight. They have to hire people to fight their battles for them.

  • William Denison

    “Where a senator who’s also a Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy is presiding.”Someone should ask that Deputy how many kids hes caught with cannabis and let off to go on to college and have a normal lifes and how many did he find with cannabis who he threw into the court system and jail. This is how the war on Cannabis works. Its really is all on the cop on the beat who decides the fate of we the people.I don’t have to wonder why more blacks are locked up for weed and more whites go on to college.

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