IGNITION LOCK: Drink Driving Bill Advocated

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Mothers against Drunk Driving will be at the State Capitol Tuesday.

Members are advocating for a bill that would expand requirement for ignition interlocks for convicted drunk drivers.

In Iowa, ignition interlocks are required for all repeat convicted drunk drivers and first-time offenders with a blood alcohol concentration of .10 or greater.

A bill in the House and another in the Senate would expand the use of ignition interlocks. It would require the system for first-time convicted drunk drivers at a .08 BAC or greater who drive while their license is suspended.

A vote is pending in both the House and Senate.

Twenty states have similar laws.


  • Ishmale Whale

    Stop forcing people to rent then under order and have auto companies have them included in new model vehicles. Why wait for a conviction when if the interlock was standard equipment, it could PREVENT drunk driving in the first place.

    • Jake

      Forcing drunk drivers to pay for the interlocks is completely fair but that topic distracts from your main point. It’s a nice thought to add the interlocks as standard equipment to prevent drunk driving from the start, but there’s always a tradeoff between convenience and safety/security. I suspect there would be pretty strong resistance from drivers who *don’t* drink and drive, and would consider it an annoyance. Perhaps if it analyzed the owner’s breathprint and worked as an anti-theft device, a few more people would be willing to put up with the inconvenience, but unless it’s a completely unintrusive and passive system I still don’t think it would have widespread appeal.

      • Ishmale Whale

        I drink, I also drive, but I have never had ANY alcohol related issues in my life, and I am 45. I have VERY strict limits if I will be driving but If my vehicle required my breath to start, and it locked and said, “I don’t think so right now Scooter…”…I would be OK with that as it kept me safe and out of trouble. We use keys to prevent unauthorized use/theft of vehicles. If I loaned my vehicle to a friend, who happened to get drunk, I would want my vehicle to not operate to save it and my friend from who knows what. Every bar has a place to park, and the ID of choice to get alcohol is usually a drivers license.

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