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MARCH FORTH: Hatch’s Minimum Wage Challenge

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch is using today’s date to challenge Governor Terry Branstad.

Hatch on March 4th asked the governor and legislature to "march forth and raise the minimum wage."

At a rally he hosted at the Statehouse, Hatch and other democratic leaders say they support increasing Iowa’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Hatch says that would allow more than 300-thousand Iowans to get a pay raise and it would plug an extra $272 million into the state's economy.

The last time Iowa raised the minimum wage was in 2007, under Chet Culver. The rate jumped from $5.15 to $7.25.

Hatch says raising the rate by $3 would cause more people to be less dependent on government assistance.

"Raising the minimum wage is nothing new for the governor, he's done it twice before, he knows the benefit that this will have on working families," Hatch says. “It's up to us as politicians and leaders to show the way so that we can implement a wage increase that will benefit Iowa families, help businesses, and move this country, move this state forward."

Governor Branstad won't say he's against raising Iowa’s minimum wage this year but he also won't say he's for it.

The governor's office released a statement in response to Hatch's rally, "More Iowans are working today than at any point in our state's history. Under the leadership of Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds, more than 130,000 jobs have been created and the unemployment rate has dropped to the 5th lowest in the nation at 4.2%.

“Branstad-Reynolds will continue to recruit high quality jobs to Iowa and strive to create an environment where family incomes grow, the unemployment rate remains low, and businesses can expand and hire more Iowans."


  • Rebecca Hergert

    Something has got to give here!!
    Sky Rocket Food/Gas Prices, just ain’t gonna cut it with raising the min. wage.
    It will defeat the whole purpose of raising the min. wage!!

  • Troy V

    Raising the minimum wage does ZERO to help the economy overall. It’s a quick fix that works in the SHORT TERM ONLY. In 2 years, the costs of goods and services increase to make up for it and the other 2 million workers in the state of iowa are not getting a $3 per hour increase over the same time period which means LESS money is availble for people to spend which actually HURTS the economy.
    But, no politician will ever admit to that, they are all too busy pandering.
    My other complaint is that those 300,000 people that will be affected, how many of those are actually trying to raise a family on that?? I’d say less than 1/4 as most minimum wage jobs are entry level positions filled by high schoolers and current college students.

  • Coffee Pot

    Hatch is just trying to buy votes off the poor and uneducated. Once they figure out their food stamps might be affected or they might have to pay some on obamacare, they’ll figure out they shouldn’t have voted for him too. Maybe they can figure it out when they are looking for another job because theirs was terminated. Obama is now talking restructuring business taxes to pay for roads. I’m sure glad the Democrats think business’ have all the money in the world. Because they are about to ruin a whole bunch of them.

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