IOWA UNPLUGGED: Town Ditches Technology For 24 Hours

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The town of Greenfield is unplugging from technology for 24-hours as part of a national campaign to turn off cell phones, computers and gaming consoles and connect with each other.

With a population of just under 2 ,000 Greenfield residents decided to do a digital detox and leave technology behind.

“It`s really to get people to think about removing themselves from their digital devices occasionally to interact with people,” says Executive Director of Greenfield's Chamber/Main Street Stacie Hull.

The movement is part of the National Day of Unplugging, and Greenfield is the only town in Iowa to sign up.

“It`s an honor to be in such good company, like San Francisco and Los Angeles and Austin, Texas and all these great big cities and then you see Greenfield, Iowa,” says Hull.

Greenfield resident were asked to take a pledge, write down how they would spend their free time, then unplug for 24 hours.

Events were planned all Friday night and continue all day Saturday.

A complete list can be found by click here.

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