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IOWA PLAN: Tourists To ‘Fill In The Blank’

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Iowa doesn't have the beaches and year-round sun that Florida does. That could be part of the reason Iowa's tourism dollars approach $8 billion a year and Florida brings in ten times that much.

Tourism officials launched a new ad campaign called "Fill in the Blank" to hopefully attract more business to Iowa.

tweetThe $1.5 million effort will air ads in nearby cities like Chicago, Kansas City and the Twin Cities through June. It pushes the state's tourism office website. The site introduces travelers to statewide attractions. It allows them to select an activity or a city and then helps them fill in the blank by choosing a specific destination.

Tourism Office Manager Shawna Lode said, "I think that's the great thing about Iowa. People may not know we have indoor water parks. That we're the ice cream capitol of the world in Le Mars. Those are the kinds of things that we're trying to show people."

Watch the ads here and decide whether they will help bring more people to Iowa.

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