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MELTING BEGINS: Preparations In Place For Ice Jams

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Des Moines city officials are keeping an eye on area waterways as melting begins.

Ice jams are a concern in the Four Mile Creek area. The ice on top is just beginning to break up into big chunks.

City officials have stationed a crane with a bucket attached to it near the creek should it be needed to help break up the ice.

However, right now public works officials say they are letting nature run its course.

Passersby say some of the water is creeping out of the banks.

“I was riding my bike trying to enjoy the weather and I came across this (ice jam) and it’s pretty bad,” Henry Bunce explained.

Public works crews are also keeping an eye out for ice jams in the area where the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers meet.

Officials say since those waterways are larger, jams are still days down the road.